Wednesday, July 3, 2013

This Momma wants to be pretty, so sue me!

Any mother would attest to this fact.  Having kids changes your life.  It’s not so much about you anymore.
After nine months of carrying all that weight (well I only get to carry mine for about 7 months, but still, it is some weight you got to carry there!), it seem like your body will never be the same again.  Not feeling great about our post-baby figures will lead us to wearing unflattering clothes, just so to hide the bulge.
Much as you want to spend an hour getting ready in the morning and look “put-together” when you leave the home, with a baby, it’s really a mighty feat.
But don’t get me wrong.  Being a mother is amaaaazing, but it isn't always glamorous.  Long gone are days where you aimlessly wander through the malls looking for that perfect dress.  And that weekend mani and pedi and the occassional hair-color....Ha!  Those are things of the past.

Getting ready is now more of efficiency, get things done in the shortest possible time, rather than leisure and luxury.  But this momma refuse to be frumpy!  Why?  Because whenever I am dressed, with a little touch of make up and hair nicely done, it changes my mood.  I feel happier and more energized. 

And I believe that a happy mommy is equal to a happy daddy and a happy baby!  So I am taking a stand.  I am fighting the frump. 

Here are some of the ways I am doing it.

Taking extra effort to at least come up with a stylish assembly of clothes.  I am never blessed with a knack for fashion, but I can safely say I can manage to pull an almost put-together look with extra effort.  That is one of the reason why I try my bestest to prepare my clothes for the week.  Most stylish women often give that advice and I am doing my mighty best to follow.  And thus the inspiration to visit polyvore more often as you can see from this post and another from this post.

Putting on a little make-up.  With only about 3 to 5 hours of sleep that I have at night,  waking up looking fresh and bright is only wishful thinking.  But with the help of cosmetics, I can pass on looking normal.

Now that I am a momma, I scout the drugstore and make use of these wondeful finds.  I find them equally effective but not equally expensive.

Olay foaming cleanser, Olay Total Effects day cream, BB creams from the ETUDE house,
the small bottle is tea tree essential oil from bodyshop
and of course the ever trusty Oral-B dental floss

I use Johnson's baby milk lotion not because  J&J is paying me to endorse (I wish!!!)
But I really find it very light but moisturize effectively
I know a lot of ladies swear to the MAC Studio fix, and I do too.  I have been a satisfied user for 2 years, but just this year, I tried to find "cheaper" alternatives.  So I have in addition to the BB cream from the ETUDE House, I bought this girly compact powder plus the water color blusher in No. 1 Pink.  Well so far these products haven't disappoint.
Looking good goes together with smelling good.  So I keep myself sweet smelling by spritzing a little of Davidoff Cool Water for women that the hubby and I bought last year. Since it's small that's the reason why I often use this, I can carry it with me anywhere for retouch.

And of course, the basics of eating healthy and exercising should be incorporated.  I know easier said than done especially on the exercising part.  I am working on that. :)  Plus never forget to hydrate, hydrate and hydrate.  Drink lots of water, its good for you.  And lessen the caffeine. Another easier said than done for me ;).

These are the little things I do that makes big difference in my feeling and looking less frazzled and frumpy. 

How about you momma, care to share some tips on avoiding the frumpy mommy look?


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