Saturday, November 14, 2015

Highlight Reel

Like most people on social media sites, if my little boy did something adorable or give me that much prodded smile, I share it.  If I am having a good time with good food and great friends, I share it.  If the family travels to somewhere cool, I share it.  Pretty flower arrangement, share!  Freshly baked cupcakes, share!

But that Friday night when I stayed home feeling overwhelmed because I have to sort the mountain of laundry, well that pretty much was not shared.  And I remembered that before I hit the share button for those baked cookies, I have to ask the husband to clear the counter top and move the dirty cookie sheet out of the way.

And so these photos below made it to my social media feed, because you see these were the wonderful moments I want to cherish. Social media is a great tool for capturing our family's moments.  It's my digital scrapbook. While I really want to create those DIY scrapbooks posted in Pinterest, I really don't have the time to do it in between dirty laundry, a whiny toddler, rushing for my early morning commute and being that wonderful wife to my husband.

My highlight reel are real, but they are not the whole story.  That's what I constantly remind myself every time I browse at social media accounts.  I see this awesome mother of three boys all under 5 who still managed to look so well put-together all time may have her own struggles too. This homeschooling mama whose living room look like something straight out from a designer magazine may have a pile of dishes left in the kitchen sink waiting to be washed.  That hot mama with flat abs have really worked very hard for that.

And instead of feeling bad that they are all so awesome and I'm not... I remember that they are there to inspire and uplift me to find my awesome too.

I totally agree with this writer from the HuffingtonPost when she said "Social media is a great tool for sharing joy and gratitude, but a strong relationship is built on sharing the bad along with the good.  We need to share the experiences that don't make the scrapbook and rely on each other when we don't feel like we have much to celebrate.  Let your loved ones record and share their happiness on Facebook.  If you want the whole story, give them a call."

I choose to share my, our family's moments in my feed, but if you want the whole story, email me, PM me or better yet, give me a call (hello Viber, Skype, Messenger, etc) so we can catch up on how real our struggles are and  celebrate how awesome our lives are too.

How about you, do you feel down seeing other people's highlights or do you feel inspired?

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bag Crush Diaries: Lunch and Crushing on MK's Sutton Saffiano bag

I seldom go out for lunch on a weekday.  I brown bag my lunch #frugalme because aside from saving moolah, I don't like the chilly wind despite the sun being so bright and sunny.

But since friday was relax at work yesterday and the sun was out shining (yes it's still chilly) I braved the chill and had japanese lunch with my colleague  near our work at Bien Izakaya.  Ordered some sushi, which just tasted normal (nothing fantastic) but the teriyaki tofu don (fried tofu with teriyaki sauce on rice) was yum.  Too yummy that I forgot to take a photo of it and realized only after my bowl was empty.

Lunch at Bien Izakaya Newmarket

But really the highlight of  my lunch out yesterday is meeting my latest bag crush.  There is this new store in Newmarket that I passby on my way to work from the train station.  I have been wanting to in and have a look; but it was only yesterday that I found the time.  And when I stepped in, I was greeted by my latest crushie.  It wasn't crush at first sight because there where a lot of other items on display that distracted me.  But I guess this little beauty stood out.  The picture below does not do any justice...

But maybe this would help you understand why 

And since it comes with a sling, you can carry it as a sling bag or cross-body for a more causal laid-back look...

The tote comes in small/medium and large.  I am liking the medium one.  And my matrona status would probably carrry the bag like this ;)
You can check out more of the store's display at Newmarket (The Brand Warehouse).  

What have you been crushing lately?

Friday, November 6, 2015

The Joy of Picking Strawberries

Its mid of spring and that means....Yes, summer is just around the corner!!! 

And nothing feels more like an NZ summer than picking your own fresh strawberries...Or for this little fellow, more like squashing them :)

Strawberry picking at Massey Orchards and Garden summer of 2014
He definitely have fun crawling in the strawberry field

Can't wait for summer and tick off our summer bucket list!

What's your summer bucket list?

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