Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Retail Therapy

Shopping buddies, Joy & Yet

I had done a lot of shopping lately. With Shopping buddies Joy and Yet, you sure wouldn't think shopping is a chore ,which by the way I used to, now I'm changing to a different school of thought. I guess they taught me quite well. But it’s ok I’m happy with my purchases and besides this tiny urban island is buzzing with sales everywhere to low as 70% off. Wooohooo!!! Who could resist that? I now love the concept of “NEVER BUY IN RETAIL” already!

breather in between bargain hunting...
Hmmm let’s see what I have bought: (I will just post the pictures later) too "busy" to snap snap snap :)
  • several mango shirts (four to be exact and 1 racer back that I am thinking of giving as a gift to my housemate's teenage daughter),
  • one brown mango dress (note to self, I must find an undershit to match this dress, it's neckline is quite low)
  • a mango black bag & a Bebe black bag, got all these purchases at 50% off!
  • 2 50 ml I love love perfume by moschino (the other bottle is for my sis, I will be giving to her on Feb whe I go back home)
  • 1 50 ml hippy perfume by moschino (We went to a warehouse sale but was disappointed big time! Good thing we were able to find very good deals at The Metro at Paragon and a lot of freebies too. The Filipino sales person was very very accommodating. Ang daming freebies binigay. Sadly I forgot his name, but it sure does sound very Filipino. Though I forgot your name,but I do remember your face :). Kaya, I love you na, you are so mabait, bigay uli ikaw marami freebies ha! hehehe)
  • 1 zara 50 ml perfume (very nice smell...musky with green tea as top note)
  • 2 bohemian skirts
  • 2 hush puppies shirt dress
  • And of course my Tiffany Toggle heart bracelet which I will be getting next Sunday. I had it shortened to fir my wrist. And the charm I had it soldered because the sales person advice just in case it might lose and get lost (and of course I followed naman kasi nga one charm cost a fortune!) It did burn a hole in my pocket but I'm so happy about it! Yehey! I don't have picture of the actual charm bracelet yet but will be posting my baby once I get it! But it looks something like this :)

  • Now I'm only down to one more wish list....actually it's a toss between a Blackberry Bold or and iTouch. I will let you know what I have decideded to get by January :).

But so far I’m so happy with my purchases. They say that when you buy something you have to be in love with it not just like it. You have to face shopping like how you are going to face marriage, you don’t marry the person you just like; you marry the person you love. So you don’t buy the things you like, you must buy the things you love and then you will find a pleasure in your purchase. That’s when you can truly say, shopping is indeed therapeutic. Retail Therapy! :D

The ultimate competition

I was suppose to make an entry in my blog last night, (I will really try to be more religious in my updates)but I was busy.....Busy with what? Ahhhhh ok, I was cleaning my room. It's funny how I always try to clean my room but it seems never clean enough for me. Oh well............And I did laundry din pala. Wow I'm so good at Multi-tasking. Hehehe and yes I was playing biotronic in FB.
I was trying to outscore my friends thats why I didn't notice that my laundry was over already and I forgot to put some softener. Ha! The boon and bane of technology.

Since its just two weeks short to 2010, I have been thinking lately on how I can better improve myself. I always wanted to be the best, but sadly, it is so hard to measure and quantify what best is. So I made this resolution/declaration instead.

I, RANNE, of legal age, declare that I will be the best that I can be.I don't demand perfection because nobody is perfect, but I will strive to be a better person, the best that I can be. It may not be good enough for you, it may not be good enough for him, it may not be good enough for anybody, but it would be more than good enough for me because it would be the best that I can give. Competing with oneself is the ulitmate competition one can engage in.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Counting the days.....

I’m counting the days till February arrives! Well I know it still a "year" away, but anyways it's still a "Yehey!" for me. I get to go home for a holiday. Actually I don’t have the return tickets pa, but who cares as long as I have the ticket going home.

Last weekend was spent rather well. I get to finish ALL my laundry on Saturday! And I get to bathe in the rain. I was practically running around my block and enjoying the rain. Cool.... well expect for the stares I was getting from the passersby who are in full rain-protection gear, I had a blast! I haven’t bathe in the rain for a very long time already and it was great though it would have been doubly fun if I did it with Reeze. I miss that little girl and she seems to be growing up so fast.

(Photo courtesy of www.dreamstine.com)

Sunday was spent in field service and return visits in the afternoon with Mary. We went to one return visit and we stayed/stand in the door for almost an hour. Funny thing is I barely if ever hardly understand what they were talking about. They were talking in mandarin. Hahaha I just pick up a word or two but no context whatsoever. Oh well I really need to continue with that Chinese lesson talaga.

I really need to cultivate this fruitage of the spirit "LOVE" more. Some irritations here and there are not really necessary. I should look at the positive qualities of people. And so far naman they have good qualities....But I just find it annoying sometimes.....Please God help me! :)

Anyways, I have to make a budget to do my shopping. I think I will alot budget for my balikbayan box (wow OFW na OFW ang dating). I don't want to carry many barang barang kasi, especially that we will have to make a 2 day stopover sa Manila. So my mom's pasalubong will all be in the box nalang. Another $$$$ budgeted for my shopping. (Ay dapat $ not so many dollars to spare there!) My shopping will include shoes for reeze and things for myself. (Love thyself daw eh)

But I think the denim jeans I can buy in PI already. See whether all these year end sales won't tempt me. Plus I need to buy the black espirit bag. I don’t think I will buy the aviator shades…maybe next time as I don’t need it pa. My Gucci shades is quite enuf. So I have to make a list and then buy it. The pasalubong for manang..hmmm I still don’t know what to get her. As for Daisy and Manong I will give them cash nalang for their shopping sa Manila. I sms them, and here's our exchange....

ranne: I'm wrapping my presents soon, what do you want to be wrapped.
M&D : We want you to be home, that's enuf already.

Owwwwssss ang sweet. Trust my manong, salesman na salesman ang dating! And I'm buying it naman....hayzzzzz....

I really don't need to buy so many stuffs. I can do with a few pieces only :) And I am loving it :D hehehehe…sour graping

Monday, November 2, 2009

Until further notice... I'm singing this song

Since last Friday, when I stumbled upon the lyrics of this song, I searched high and low how to sing the song. Luckily, it’s a classic Karen Carpenter, so my diva challenge self could very well carry the tune, minus of course a few miss notes…but it still sound quite ok…………
I have been constantly humming the tune over the weekend and until now….Well, I have to admit im a hopeless romantic, but for now I will claim this song

Goodbye to Love until further notice

Goodbye to Love by Karen Carpenter
I'll say goodbye to love
No one ever cared if I should live or die
Time and time again the chance for love has passed me by
And all I know of love is how to live without it
I just can't seem to find it.

So I've made my mind up I must live my life alone
And though it's not the easy way
I guess I've always known
I'd say goodbye to love.

There are no tomorrows for this heart of mine
Surely time will lose these bitter memories

And I'll find that there is someone to believe in
And to live for something I could live for.

All the years of useless search
Have finally reached an end
Loneliness and empty days will be my only friend
From this day love is forgotten
I'll go on as best I can.

What lies in the future is a mystery to us all
No one can predict the wheel of fortune as it falls
There may come a time when I will see that I've been wrong
But for now this is my song.

And it's goodbye to love

I'll say goodbye to love.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The flowers bloom; for what, for whom?

Inspired by a friend's FB status

Ask not for whom the flowers bloom...
The flowers bloom for thee...
The flowers bloom for me...
The flowers bloom for us to see ...
That the world is a beautiful place to be...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Not for vanity but simply for sanity

I have been suffering from acute lower back aches for the past couple of days now. Could be probably for immobility or for the love of my stilettos? I could not give up both, it’s got to be one or the other… One thing is certain though I’m holding on to my stilettos! So now we have an obvious answer here, question is where do I begin?

My sister has been texting me daily before the first ray of sunlight breaks the sky that I should wake up and do my morning walk. Oh well, I hope she won’t get fed up texting me until I will finally get that motivation from within and get going with my morning walk. There you go; I just announced it to the virtual world. I have read from somewhere that, that’s one way of sticking to a plan. I let you know at the end of the week if I actually have made some decent progress ;-).

Hayzzzzzzzzz…. I’m boring myself with this entry. I should get a sense of humor. Ha ha ha…Oh well, ha ha ha again. How charming. Maybe I should just heed my sister’s advice and kick start that morning walk. Eat healthy, exercise and less caffeine….It’s not for vanity but simply for my sanity.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

~ Anger Management ~

The problem with family and friends, people you care about, is that you never really get angry with them. You get hurt. But I’d rather feel the former than the latter. Getting hurt sometimes leaves a scar.

I don’t like scars.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

25 Things You Don't Know About Me (and Probably Dont care about =))

Ahhhh, I've been tagged....And since I'm suffering from blogger's block, probably I've have been watching too much news...and the news is so depressing...I don't know whether I am a late bloomer under going quarter life crisis or for all I know I'm experiencing midlife crisis already. Oh well...

While clearing the BB away (Blogger's Block) then I'm letting the world know random things about me....So here goes...

1.) I love to drive (motorcycle) in the rain, the cold wind and the raindrops gives me a certain kind of high that I burst into uncontrollable giggles (haay miss my motorcycle days)

2.) I’d exchange a box of chocolates for tempura sa boulevard with its matching “sawsawan” and ice cold coke anytime

3.) I think pink roses and white daisies are the sweetest and friendliest flowers.

4.) My sister and I call each other “ngets” as endearment. Ngets short for pangets. (For those who don’t understand tagalong it means ugly.) =)

5.) Lately, I can’t sleep without the symphony orchestra playing in the background. That’s why before I sleep I set my player to the local station 92.4 to let classical orchestra music lull me to dreamland.

6.) I use to spell the Ann in my name with an ‘e’. 5 years ago I dropped the ‘e’ (for ease of document processing – long story). Anyways, other than filing documents, I still write as Anne.

7.) Every time I go home, I make it a point to look up the sky at night and appreciate the stars and say hi to Mr. Moon. There aren’t many stars here, too much city lights. =(

8.) I have high tolerance level of pain. Two of my wisdom teeth were extracted and it was no big deal for me, but show me blood and my knees turn jell-o.

9.) I have a tendency to spoil my niece. Hope she does not get to read this or she’ll use this against me. Well she’s too young to read anyways.

10.) I wanted to take up BS Economics, then probably study law or pursue a PhD in economics (ambisyosa!) and be an economist (well obviously). But studying outside Dumaguete was not an option then for my mom then, so without any definite degree in mind, I ended up enrolling in the college with one of the longest queue. CBA (Business Computer App was under CBA and it was the “in course” then)

11.) One of the first things I learned living away from home is not wearing well-ironed clothes. Eventually, I graduated to wearing crumpled clothes. Now, I’m trying to learn how to iron well.

12.) I have a collection of Disney cartoons and Pixar animation VCDs. We had fun swapping our collection and narrating scenes from those movies with my 4-year-old next door neighbor in Cebu.

13.) I have been a flower girl once and a bridesmaid once. (Seldom have the chance the attend friends’ weddings, time constraints) So does this mean I will be a bride once? =)

14.) I love coffee. I want my coffee hot with cream. I take 5 cups a day (before). But I have narrowed it down to 1 cuppa day (such an achievement) but on very rare occasions I can still go up to 3.

15.) If you ask me to go on holiday, I am a mountain view, sea view, city view type of person. In that order.

16.) I rather collect memories than things. My family thinks otherwise. They say I am like a house mouse, collects to many basura, abobots and barang barang.

17.) I want my ice cream served in a cone. Rocky road please, with lots of mallows and peanuts.

18.) Sunrise, sunset and the moon gets me into a contemplative mood.

19.) My family is my comfort zone. Could be the reason why I chose to live far from away from home, I become too passive and dependent at home.

20.) Green tea and beer are acquired taste for me. The more you drink, the more it taste bitter, oops better I mean ;-)

21.) I love to travel. Its learning spelled as FUN. If money and time constraints are not a question, I would travel every month.

22.) I don’t mind doing things solo. I dine out alone, watch movies alone, go swimming alone. Next in my list is travel solo. (Travelling back to PI not included.)

23.) I am compulsive list maker. I have to do list, grocery list, goals list, places I want to see list, and things I want to do list…it can go on and on. I just feel more accomplished every time I see my list and see items have strikethrough.

24.) I heard so many rave reviews of the Godfather that I decided to watch all three in one sitting one lazy Saturday. I have picked up a few insights from the Corleone family saga. It has become one of my favorite movies.

25.) Sometimes I feel I’m bogged down with too much technology. But I cannot imagine a life without a pc/notebook, the internet and the hand phone.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The world's second worst crime - boredom? Perhaps...

(Circa November 2008)

I’m here in the office doing nothing. I mean I’m practically finding creative ways to pass time. I have been whining and complaining that I feel so tired at a days work of practically not doing anything. I have done so for weeks already. Everytime, my colleagues ask me to do something, I get fired up and do it right away. I guess I am just used to a hectic schedule at work that my lax schedule is slowly killing. My SIL is so cute.. she tells me “Sige lang Ann agwantaha ra lang na imo work oi”. (Its Ok Ann, just try to endure your work.)

If somebody hears that without knowing the story behind would surely say “What a poor thing, she must be working horribly looong hours”. Oh well, I think I should just look at the brighter side…The paycheck never gets delayed amidst talk of recession and all………….

But on second thought, I don't want to drift aimlessly in my comfort zone and swift away into the sea of mediocrity. So, what am I to do? ............

Fastforward June 2009...
Modesty aside I have done quite an improvement in my journey to rising above mediocrity...Still working on it...but getting there... Will share some of the things that help me get motivated in next post. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Green Lights are on...

Envy is the green-eyed monster that lurks with in us. Left alone, unchecked, it eats us up away.

In the beginning, the serpent was envious of God, thus the reason for all the pain and suffering. Cain was envious with Abel thus the first murder was committed. Joseph’s brothers were envious of him, so they sold him to slavery in Egypt.

Classical Greek mythology is laden with jealousy as the theme, which often leads to tragic endings.

So how can you tame the green-eyed monster? Take a look at this article. It’s a good read.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Of liberty equality and freedom

Judging by the title of the post, it seems like I’m talking about real hard-core stuff, politics, the economy, global crisis and freedom. Well, I do read about politics (after all the economy depends on politics and my bucks’ value depends on it as well). I keep abreast with it for entertain and do get irritated with it (talk about Philippine politics), but it’s just not my genre.

So anyways, what do I mean by liberty, equality and freedom. For the typical Filipino, I’m sure you have somewhere, somehow come across or have read of Gabriela Silang and if we venture to the international scene of history, we have Joan of Arc. Oh yes, women’s clamor for liberty, equality and freedom. Women’s liberation, google it and you’ll get a million and one links telling you what is should be or what is should not be. There has been plenty of talk about it, and many people know and do agree with its ideas. But there are a lot of distorted impressions of what it’s all about. One of which is that all women should hate men. Omigosh!!!…. If that is the case, I definitely am against Women’s Lib ;). So what is it really? For the purpose of simplification, let’s delve into three different scenarios that merit a typical woman’s attention or a typical man for that matter.

First Scenario – Ladies, do you care if man open doors for you?
Women wanted emancipation. Liberty, the right of an individual to do his or her own will. Ladies, you want liberty, so do everything men do, open your own doors. Well, ok fine! But I adore chivalry. I don’t mind opening my own doors, but I have high regards for men who treat me like a lady. Every woman I know, from teenagers to retirees – adores a guy who goes the extra mile and exemplifies himself in the little things.

But an excerpt from Chicago Sun-Times says: “Generally, men should open the door for women because men have superior upper body strength. But when a door needs to be kicked down, women should open the door because of their superior lower body strength.” ;-) Oh well…………

Second Scenario - Girls who make the first move……….
It’s the age of equality between sexes. So if the girls want to make the first move, why shouldn’t she? Technically, I’d say go, go, go. But stop! Is the guy married? Or is he in a committed relationship? You would not want to end up as a mistress or a “mang-aagaw”, do you?

Given that the ethical issues of the matter is all ironed out, how you make the first move is all up to you. Whether you do it obtusely, or anything that borders slutty. Or you can do it smoothly and with taste. It’s all your call.

My opinion – do it with subtlety and class. How? You ask me? That would be another entry in my blog ;). But never -- never price yourself cheaply.

That’s my take, what’s yours?

Third Scenario – “Are you working? -- No I am “just” a housewife.”
It irks me to hear women say this. You have a life and a series of choices that you can make; you have the freedom to make them. And if you chose to be a full time home maker, rather than juggle a career and family (this are super women and my kudos to you), it’s perfectly fine. It’s your choice. And you are never “just” a housewife. Think of these -- They get out of bed before anyone else to get breakfast going for husband and children. Get/take the children to school. See husband off to work. Wash dishes, clean, do laundry, iron, shop, cook, mend... oh and hundreds of other things. If men were asked by their bosses to do half the things “housewives” do every day, they would either ask for a raise or quit!

Having gone through all the different scenarios, so what are liberty, equality and freedom for women? Hmmm I don’t know. But one thing is certain, I completely agree with what the Bible book of Genesis Chapter 2 verse 18 says ‘It is not good for the man to continue by himself. I am going to make a helper for him, as a complement of him.’

Thursday, February 5, 2009

You and I…let's take a journey….

I am on a journey to consciously live life to the fullest.

Too often we go through life by simply ‘going with the flow’. We set our lives in autopilot, going through the motions and letting a day pass by just like the one before that.

Well, that is comfortable we reason.

That’s fine, until we have gone through another year without having done anything; we have just merely existed and have not lived life.

That’s fine, until we have reached the twilight of our lives and looked back in life then wallow in regrets.

That’s fine, until your children leave home and you realized you have missed their childhood.

That’s fine, until you are all wrinkled and gray sitting in your rocking chair going nostalgic with all the “what ifs” you could think of.

It’s NOT fine! I want to truly live life, to really experience it and enjoy it to the fullest, instead of merely surviving and living a life of mere existence. I know you do too. So let’s break free from the mold and drink from life.

Below is a list of ideas, an addition to the “I want to do list” I have posted earlier. Feel free to add in your ideas as well and together we will journey life in a conscious effort to live it to the fullest.

GET A PET or grow something if getting a pet is out of the question as of the moment. Indulge your nurturing nature, own up to the responsibility of knowing that someone/something is dependent on you for their existence.

LOVE…. Fall in love, if you aren’t already. Or fall in love all over again. It doesn’t have to be romantic. Fall in love with your family, friends, pets, babies or all of humanity. Fall in love with yourself (too a certain degree....Loving oneself is different from being self-absorb) Heck, you can even fall in love with love.

KISS IN THE RAIN…cast all your inhibitions. Seize the moment and be romantic. You will be surprise to find out that raindrops could actually taste like honey drops ;)

LIVE IN THE NOW… It’s nice to go nostalgic one in a while. Walk down the memory lane or zoom into what might the future bring, but don’t let your thoughts drift into the past or future more than necessary. Thinking of things that need to be done, planning and regretting, doing these in excess could often start negative spiral of thoughts that can last for days, a week or even years. Plan your life, reflect on the lessons you can learn from the past. But work, play and live in the moment, live in the now!

STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES …Fast food, express lane, express manicure, bullet trains, MRT (Mass RAPID Transit), the Concorde….everything moves along at such as rapid pace. It’s not healthy. Have you ever heard of healthy fast food? Slowdown…….Enjoy what you do, savor every moment. Stop and smell the roses and you’ll be delighted to discover that there is a butterfly perched in one of the rose’s thorns.

TALK TO OLD PEOPLE they have lived through life. They can tell you amazing stories. They can share to you their regrets so you can learn from them and avoid the same mistakes. They can give you sound advice on basically all things that matters (love, life, money, spirituality, etc, etc). It will make you wiser and you have made them happier because someone listened and appreciated them. It’s a win-win situation actually, so why not try it.

EXERCISE…get that butt of the couch and jiggle those muscles. I’m assuming you’re not toned enough or no muscles to jiggle. ;-) Go for a walk, run, swim, bike or hike. Whatever you do, just get active. Release those endorphins and you will feel more alive and happy. Endorphins are called happy hormones for nothing. So get up and work the sweat. You’ll love it.

CREATE A SIGNATURE DISH or perfect that awesome dessert. Beyond impressing the lucky taster, having a signature dish brings pride to the ‘cook’. Well, I’m not an excellent cook but I can order a great take-out. But if plan A fails we must be ready with plan B. Scenario: it’s Chinese New Year (in Singapore) or Holy week (in the Philippines) all resto/ hawkers/“carenderia” are closed. Armed with that signature dish and that recipe for an awesome dessert, you can whip up a meal… far from perfect, but always tasteful and presentable.

TRAVEL, the world is your oyster. You are too young not to travel. Immerse in different culture, savor an array of delectable cuisine. It’s amazingly fun. It makes you appreciate more the things you have and helps you to understand why some people do things in a certain way. It teaches you different perspective in life. Its learning spelled as F-U-N. So go ahead, pack your bags and take the next flight to….whatever place you fancy.

CREATE A MORNING RITUAL. Greet the day with a prayer. Stretch like a cat, turn on the music, dance to its rhythm, meditate, or drink a cup of coffee. Wake up early and greet the sunrise… Whatever suits you to help you set the tone for the day… Funny and ironic as it may sound, but having morning rituals helps you gain stability to face the day with spontaneity.

LAUGH AND PLAY WITH CHILDREN. “Kids, they learn to dance before they learn that there is anything that isn’t music.” So true…Just observe them, they skip and whistle a tune at the same time, when they get hurt, they really cry, when they play, they really have fun, when they ask questions, they show their curiosity unabashed. They experience everything in the moment fully. So instead of thinking that you know so much more than them, stop and think. Play with them, laugh with them and learn from them.

This is a journey so the list will keep on growing. And since it’s OUR journey feel free to share your ideas too. Together we will face life, living.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Things I want to do.....

Original Title: Things I want to do before i die......
Edited to: Things I want to do.....

I edited the title, it sounds too morbid for me...Why think of dying when life has so much to offer :)

Watch the sunrise and sunset.
My favorite parts of the day…. Okay not at one sitting though. It would be very cold to sit throughout the night and wait for sunrise…, (That is if I watched the sunset first, then I would not have the energy to appreciate the sunrise).

Scuba Dive
Well in case you haven’t notice, humans are not supposed to breathe under water. But with the help of tanks, mask, flippers etc, etc…then I can go experience being Ariel for a moment. (Does the mythical mermaid really exist? Hmmm mythical nga eh…..)

Ride a rollercoaster.
And I mean the real rollercoaster, not the pang “piera” type. Butterflies in your stomach, feeling of weightlessness, the wind blowing your face… Ahhhh the feeling of freedom…. And puking afterwards? Yuck gross…but who knows I might like it, shuns the puking… :)

Take photos of family, friends and beautiful sceneries and just about everything.
Well, actually I have been doing these…but I want to up it to a more professionally level (naks naman!!)….I’m getting my DSLR soon, Yehey! …After that mamumulubi na ako…*sigh* :(..

Take a hot air balloon ride
What’s with me and the wind blowing my face…..Sigh maybe I just miss my “motorcycle” days”….But would it not be fun to go up, up, up in the sky? Care to join me?

Climb a Mountain.
A real mountain… Not a hill but a mountain. Well I’m not talking about Mt. Everest though…Feeling the cold breeze, the tiredness and the breathlessness at a great height…and knowing that you have actually conquered that Mountain is indescribable and the view is simply awesome. I am just imagining….Mountaineers out there, give me a call next time you plan to conquer your next mountain….But be gentle on me okay…but don’t worry I am a tough girl :)….
Climb every mountain, search high and low. Follow every byway, every path you know.
Climb every mountain, ford every stream
Follow every rainbow until you find your dream!!!
….la la la la…. The sound of music :)

Sleep under the stars….
Living in the city, makes me miss the starry, starry night. Wouldn’t it be grand to fall asleep watching the myriad of jewels above our head? There’s the big dipper, is that a planet? It looks like a necklace….Oh that’s Mars…. Haaay imagining mode again…….

Learn to speak a foreign language and actually use it….
Finally, I could crash this one out on my list soon….I’m taking my mandarin lessons few weeks from now. I hope that by the end of my lessons, I could carry out a decent conversation…(Ambisyosa, of course because I will…)

Visit China….
They say it’s polluted. They say a lot of negatives about the Chinese from China that is ;) but I am still intrigued with this oldest living civilization….Ahhh to walk the paths where China’s ancient warriors have thread…..

Castle Hopping somewhere in Europe….
I have a fascination of things European…Victorian era…Quench my thirst of this fascination of mine, become more “cultured” and it wouldn’t hurt if I meet prince charming in one of those castles…Oh well if no prince charming…a knight would do…. After all Guinevere chose Lancelot over Arthur ;-)…

Give my mother a dozen red roses and tell her I love her.
She knows I love her dearly….But I haven’t really given her flowers before. mmmm….Bad daughter…soon, soon Mommy…Love you so much from head to toe ;-)

Fly First Class….

Well can you expect to live a posh life in a working girl’s salary? With budget travel deals, I say BUDGET. More mileage, more places to see, more culture to immerse….But wouldn’t it be nice to be treated like royalty 30,000 feet above sea level?…..ahhhhh….
We will get there, we will…. **dreaming mode** again………..

I’ll update my list…once I can remember the other things I want to do...I know I have a million and one…hmmmmm till next update……….hopefully I can crash out some soon :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Along comes February....

I’ve been thinking about love lately. Maybe I have spent too many of my few lazy evenings watching light-hearted romantic movies on HBO and then ……

With February just around the corner…. Ahhh… the briefest of months, the loveliest for some and the bitterest for others… In this tiny beautiful garden state, where an idyllic marriage of lush tropical verdure and modern urban living exist, when love is in the air and (in the malls), one cannot help but feel giddy during this season. And it doesn’t do much help either, if you are helping a friend search high and low for that ideal venue for a romantic dinner for two. My dear friend, no worries, it’s all in good humor. It is actually my pleasure ;-)

I am not a believer of St. Valentine’s Day, and no ‘amore’ to share the hype this season brings, but as what a good friend always teasingly remark about me “You are in love with love”. Well, probably he may be right, because I also think that 98% of the world’s adult population had individually, in one point in their lives been through “hell” and back in the name of amour. (Should someone prove my theory wrong, with statistical evidence backed by scientific data gathering, then I would review my hypothesis, otherwise I would stick to that conclusion.)

So having said all that, the question that plays shadows in my mind right now is, “Is love worth all the risk?” Love is a beautiful thing. There is something about love that makes the heavy down pour of the storm turn into drizzles of honey drops and gum drops. (The credit goes to my high school social studies teacher…. “Kung ang ulan ay puro tsokolate..o anong sarap ng ulan..” hehehe) The manifestations of love dazzles, delights and intrigues us. Have you ever noticed that people who are in love are sweeter, happier, nicer and more carefree?

But love also hurts, and that is where the risk comes in. Experiencing first hand, the pain that love inflicts, it seems not worth the risk it demands, we’d opt for autonomy. Freedom, we declare. But there is never an easy way to it. You cannot be wary about it nor approach it cautiously. It is merciless. It strikes both the na├»ve and the most brilliant minds, leaving them on bended knees with just one blow.

But no journey would ever be traverse without first taking a step. Love is a verb and requires action on our part. You did not stop learning to walk just because you fell down as a kid, did you? So, should we stop falling in love, because our hearts have been broken? I’ve learned somewhere along the way, that the risk of getting hurt is part of the price you have to pay for the privilege of loving another human being. To love and be loved will cost you – time, money and energy. You will lose pride and arrogance along the way too. I don’t know about you, but probably it’s the adventurous streak in me (but still waiting to be unleashed ;)), for I look at love as one of life’s grandest adventure. It’s laden with danger and risk, but it holds a lot of promise and possibilities.

For all that’s said about what love is or is not, the conclusion of the matter is; risking in love can be frightening as how an adage eloquently puts it, “once bitten, twice shy”. But I know that you will have to agree with me that it can also be exhilarating. You can opt for a more predictable existence or you a can take a leap of faith in love and immerse yourself in the waters of deepest joy or …sorrow? It’s your take.

To my happily married friends, my friends who are comfortably but blissfully in a relationship and to my slowly dwindling single friends …..

Live, let live and love…………….

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Zest for Life…

When I was younger, I have a clear picture of what I want, of things I want to accomplish, of goals I want to reach. The thought of being grown up and being able to do those things would bring a rush of excitement. It sparked a fire within that would never be extinguished. Call it passion, zest for life or a name by any other name, but it brings a spring in my every step.

Then, while traveling down the path of enlightenment and goal fulfillment, I found out there were detours, a lot I should say. Some I enjoyed; others I wish I never took.
I find myself in jobs and situations that if they are not literally killing me (spell long hours and toxic stress level); I find ways to accept them. After all; this job pays the bills right? I became complacent and this is when the flames of my fire begin to dwindle.

Have I been so deeply entrenched in laziness? Are my excuses valid or they are just my way of staying comfortable and not move out of the box I have painted? I look back on time wasted, on younger people, or people that I feel are more motivated or qualified and then I begin to feel lost. Complacency, laziness, settling for whatever is given to us, being scared to take risks, I know these are enemies of a life worth living.

Sad but true, I find myself in a rut of boredom and disinterest. I seem to lose my zest for life and feel tired, and unmotivated. I want to hide under the covers rather than face the day. Perhaps I’m feeling overwhelmed by work? (Nah, my work is so unchallenging), well maybe I am just plain bored with the routine of my daily life?

Well, at least having this realization just goes to show that the fire hasn’t been fully extinguished, the embers are still alive, (yes very much alive). And I am determined, to fan the embers until it will be ablaze. I know it’s a tough pursuit, but we’ll break it into smaller manageable steps. That’s how toddlers learn to walk, one small step at a time…
So wish me all the best J
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