Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Singapore I love - PARKS

As the haze is starting to clear  and now we are seeing some blue skies, what great way to let you into one of the favorite things I love about Singapore.  Well, if you thought that Singapore was just about the shopping and the eating, well think again.  Yes, one of the distinct features and the one that I love the most of Singapore's landscapre is her abundance of greenery.

Trees and flowers can be seen in almost every corner of the island giving a new meaning to what an urban jungle should look like.  With the numerous parks and gardens that create a unique green ambiance,  Singapore justifiably holds true to its title of a Garden city.

Nature lovers can enjoy the sights of flora and fauna or simply enjoy a picnic on the lawns in one of the numerous parks and gardens.

I love the parks for simple reasons as picnic with family and friends, to enjoy the flora of the Singapore Botanical garden and the newly opened Gardens by the Bay.  I also love to go to the parks just to pass time and make use of all the exercise equipments available (No need to go to the gym, it's fitness for free!).

Whether you’re looking for a place to stroll, picnic, jog or simply breathe some fresh air, escape to any one of these many parks and gardens in Singapore.  That's what I do for a free and easy way to relax after a long week's work.

Here are some of the parks I love to visit.
Singapore ain't called a garden city for nothing....

botanical gardens

I think I should plan a visit to one of the many different parks and gardens of Singapore with the little one soon. :) 

How about you, do you enjoy a picnic or perhaps a stroll in the park? 


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