Thursday, July 11, 2013

We had breakfast for dinner

Last Friday, on our scheduled Friday night dates with the hubby, we have planned to visit the newly "refurbished" IMM Mall. But as experience has taught me, you cannot have things go as planned with a baby in tow.

So instead we opted to a nearer mall at Causeway Point in Woodlands.  We wanted to have dinner first before we go shopping for the hubby.  Given that it was a Friday night around dinner time, almost all the restaurants are crowded with customer queues  a mile long.  We noticed though that the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf was not that crowded and no queue at that!  However, we ignored it as we have not had dinner and what we know about CBTL is that they serve coffee, tea, sandwiches and cakes.  Uhmmm, well not exactly my idea of dinner.

But after two rounds around the mall, and still not much progress in finding a not crowded resto, I finally told the hubby that if we can have our coffee/tea first before we have dinner later after we shop for his clothes.  Diba that's how the English does it, tea before dinner, or is it the other way around? LOL!

Nonetheless, we gave CBTL a try. We are quite surprised that they already served dinner and all day breakfast!  Aside from lunch and dinner and the two snacks in between, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. :).  I opted for a hearty breakfast instead of light dinner and the hubby follow suite.

So at 8:00 PM we had are hearty breakfast for dinner.  And bonus was that LO was very cooperative.  He slept all through out dinner giving the hubby and I the much deserved we time.

I had the Ultimate Breakfast @11.90 that comes with scamble eggs, two chicken sausage (one of which sadly fell on the floor), beef patty, turkey bacon and fresh salad.  And it comes with free drinks either fruit tea or hot coffee or tea.  I love the dried cranberries sprinkled in the salad.  Yum Yum

While the hubby opted for the Country Breakfast @11.50.  This comes with scrample eggs, toast, hash browns, baked beans, chicken sausage (or I think I offered him mine, hihihi can't recall) and crisp rommaine lettuce salad.

We ordered the fruit tree ice tea which was too bland for my liking.  We should have ordered hot teas instead to go along with our brekkie. Well there is always a next time.

And another down side was that the plate is quite small.  Remember what happened to my chicken sausage? I guess it was because the plate was just to small to manuever all the food.

But over all it was a nice dinner breakfast experience. :)

How about you what is your favorite meal of the day?

The Coffee bean& Tea leaf
1 Woodlands Square, #02-33 & #02-K02 Causeway Point Shopping Centre
Singapore 738099
Tel: (65) 6894 9180
Operating hours:
Sun - Thu & PH: 8am - 11pm
Fri, Sat and PH Eve: 8am - 12mn


Cherry said...

haven't tried dining there before, the food looks sumptuous.

thanks for including me in your daily reads, i've got you on my link list too. :)

ranne said...

:) hi cherry (lol) feeling close
it's seldom that I get to stumble upon pinoy mommy bloggers that are based here, kaya i enjoy your food reviews and the places you have been to here, at least it something we can try.

Thanks also put putting in in your links...I enjoy reading your blog, its one of my daily dose

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