Monday, February 15, 2016

The joys of motherhood

Today I was a frazzled mom…no scratch that.  Most days I am a frazzled mom.

Years ago (yes, it feels like years already) before motherhood, I thought it was just okay to throw a quick comment or two here and there about those frazzled moms.  You know who I mean, those moms whose hair is falling out from a messy bun, squirmy baby clutched in her hips and wailing preschooler following behind both with runny noses and grimy faces.  

Back on those days I could easily come up with an answer, “hmmm probably she did not wake up early enough”, “She did not prepare the night before”, “nah, not enough discipline”, “really those are monster kids!”

Well, that frazzled mom was me this morning.  As  I dropped the little monkey at kindy, he was pulling my hair and clutching at my neck as if I am leaving him forever.  And yes complete with all the works – a runny nose because he was crying his lungs out and yogurt smudge face (probably he thinks that it’s  sunblock lotion rather than something edible)….

Consumed by  the “rawness” and “realness” of mommy guilt, I gave his teacher a call and she happily reports “Oh minutes after you left, he is  all smiles and chirpy.” Who doesn’t get frazzled with that!?!

But tonight when he sings his songs with invented lyrics and asks mommy for a kiss, I know I will again happily obliged because he really is a sweet and happy little boy… and those moments of frustration and total chaos would then be forgotten.

I’m composed, I’m in control but I just need to vent.

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