Monday, July 8, 2013

50 days and counting...

If we are facebook friends, you might have noted my 365days project.  Every day for the last 50 days, a week after we resumed our "lives" here in Singapore, I have posted a picture of the little one.

I often find myself smirking when I used to see facebook pages of new parents flooded with cute pictures of their little one.  Little did I know that one day, I would be eating up my words.  Having this preconceived notion in mind of how other people might feel if you happily posts pictures of your little one until there is no tomorrow, I even have to have a shout out disclaimer in my FB page.

It garnered quite a number of likes, so I take it as a lot of people out there, not just parents understands my sentiments.  And on I happily posts LO pictures.

Well, the most basic reason why I posts pictures of LO's milestones and his not so significant "milestones" is because we are on this "long-distance grandmother/aunt/uncle/cousins relationship" , and online is the only way we can connect and share.  Oh yes there is that occassional phone calls, but online is fast and efficient. 

And with constant reminders from family back home, then I have to oblige ;)

Well, of course I would be lying if I said my online sharing is just about family requests back home. I don't mind if friends get a peek into our lives.  And besides  LO's pictures get more “likes” than pictures of my new shoes or any what not activity I am into, so I guess my friends appreciates LO's pics too.

But having said all these, I do acknowledge the "consequences" of online sharing.  I do have very strict privacy settings and I often review my online friends (monthly that is and not because you are a friend of a friend would mean that I would be accepting your friend request!).  But then again, I do maintain a blog to express myself and nurture my passion of being a writer  a frustrated writer.   I guess this topic would be an entry of its own.  Let me think this through until I finally firm up my stand on this. watch out for this blog post!

So I guess I would continue posting and complete my 365days project even if I'm running out of LO's pose to post (pun intended :D).  And then maybe after that, a photo of  significant milesones here and there, until LO would start laying the ground rules like

...Mom you can't post that picture!....
...Mom you can't blog about that!.....
...Mom you can't tell people about this!....

unitl then, allow me to be just one proud mama.

How about you, do you posts pictures of your little one?

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