Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Retail Therapy

Shopping buddies, Joy & Yet

I had done a lot of shopping lately. With Shopping buddies Joy and Yet, you sure wouldn't think shopping is a chore ,which by the way I used to, now I'm changing to a different school of thought. I guess they taught me quite well. But it’s ok I’m happy with my purchases and besides this tiny urban island is buzzing with sales everywhere to low as 70% off. Wooohooo!!! Who could resist that? I now love the concept of “NEVER BUY IN RETAIL” already!

breather in between bargain hunting...
Hmmm let’s see what I have bought: (I will just post the pictures later) too "busy" to snap snap snap :)
  • several mango shirts (four to be exact and 1 racer back that I am thinking of giving as a gift to my housemate's teenage daughter),
  • one brown mango dress (note to self, I must find an undershit to match this dress, it's neckline is quite low)
  • a mango black bag & a Bebe black bag, got all these purchases at 50% off!
  • 2 50 ml I love love perfume by moschino (the other bottle is for my sis, I will be giving to her on Feb whe I go back home)
  • 1 50 ml hippy perfume by moschino (We went to a warehouse sale but was disappointed big time! Good thing we were able to find very good deals at The Metro at Paragon and a lot of freebies too. The Filipino sales person was very very accommodating. Ang daming freebies binigay. Sadly I forgot his name, but it sure does sound very Filipino. Though I forgot your name,but I do remember your face :). Kaya, I love you na, you are so mabait, bigay uli ikaw marami freebies ha! hehehe)
  • 1 zara 50 ml perfume (very nice smell...musky with green tea as top note)
  • 2 bohemian skirts
  • 2 hush puppies shirt dress
  • And of course my Tiffany Toggle heart bracelet which I will be getting next Sunday. I had it shortened to fir my wrist. And the charm I had it soldered because the sales person advice just in case it might lose and get lost (and of course I followed naman kasi nga one charm cost a fortune!) It did burn a hole in my pocket but I'm so happy about it! Yehey! I don't have picture of the actual charm bracelet yet but will be posting my baby once I get it! But it looks something like this :)

  • Now I'm only down to one more wish list....actually it's a toss between a Blackberry Bold or and iTouch. I will let you know what I have decideded to get by January :).

But so far I’m so happy with my purchases. They say that when you buy something you have to be in love with it not just like it. You have to face shopping like how you are going to face marriage, you don’t marry the person you just like; you marry the person you love. So you don’t buy the things you like, you must buy the things you love and then you will find a pleasure in your purchase. That’s when you can truly say, shopping is indeed therapeutic. Retail Therapy! :D

The ultimate competition

I was suppose to make an entry in my blog last night, (I will really try to be more religious in my updates)but I was busy.....Busy with what? Ahhhhh ok, I was cleaning my room. It's funny how I always try to clean my room but it seems never clean enough for me. Oh well............And I did laundry din pala. Wow I'm so good at Multi-tasking. Hehehe and yes I was playing biotronic in FB.
I was trying to outscore my friends thats why I didn't notice that my laundry was over already and I forgot to put some softener. Ha! The boon and bane of technology.

Since its just two weeks short to 2010, I have been thinking lately on how I can better improve myself. I always wanted to be the best, but sadly, it is so hard to measure and quantify what best is. So I made this resolution/declaration instead.

I, RANNE, of legal age, declare that I will be the best that I can be.I don't demand perfection because nobody is perfect, but I will strive to be a better person, the best that I can be. It may not be good enough for you, it may not be good enough for him, it may not be good enough for anybody, but it would be more than good enough for me because it would be the best that I can give. Competing with oneself is the ulitmate competition one can engage in.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Counting the days.....

I’m counting the days till February arrives! Well I know it still a "year" away, but anyways it's still a "Yehey!" for me. I get to go home for a holiday. Actually I don’t have the return tickets pa, but who cares as long as I have the ticket going home.

Last weekend was spent rather well. I get to finish ALL my laundry on Saturday! And I get to bathe in the rain. I was practically running around my block and enjoying the rain. Cool.... well expect for the stares I was getting from the passersby who are in full rain-protection gear, I had a blast! I haven’t bathe in the rain for a very long time already and it was great though it would have been doubly fun if I did it with Reeze. I miss that little girl and she seems to be growing up so fast.

(Photo courtesy of www.dreamstine.com)

Sunday was spent in field service and return visits in the afternoon with Mary. We went to one return visit and we stayed/stand in the door for almost an hour. Funny thing is I barely if ever hardly understand what they were talking about. They were talking in mandarin. Hahaha I just pick up a word or two but no context whatsoever. Oh well I really need to continue with that Chinese lesson talaga.

I really need to cultivate this fruitage of the spirit "LOVE" more. Some irritations here and there are not really necessary. I should look at the positive qualities of people. And so far naman they have good qualities....But I just find it annoying sometimes.....Please God help me! :)

Anyways, I have to make a budget to do my shopping. I think I will alot budget for my balikbayan box (wow OFW na OFW ang dating). I don't want to carry many barang barang kasi, especially that we will have to make a 2 day stopover sa Manila. So my mom's pasalubong will all be in the box nalang. Another $$$$ budgeted for my shopping. (Ay dapat $ not so many dollars to spare there!) My shopping will include shoes for reeze and things for myself. (Love thyself daw eh)

But I think the denim jeans I can buy in PI already. See whether all these year end sales won't tempt me. Plus I need to buy the black espirit bag. I don’t think I will buy the aviator shades…maybe next time as I don’t need it pa. My Gucci shades is quite enuf. So I have to make a list and then buy it. The pasalubong for manang..hmmm I still don’t know what to get her. As for Daisy and Manong I will give them cash nalang for their shopping sa Manila. I sms them, and here's our exchange....

ranne: I'm wrapping my presents soon, what do you want to be wrapped.
M&D : We want you to be home, that's enuf already.

Owwwwssss ang sweet. Trust my manong, salesman na salesman ang dating! And I'm buying it naman....hayzzzzz....

I really don't need to buy so many stuffs. I can do with a few pieces only :) And I am loving it :D hehehehe…sour graping
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