Thursday, June 21, 2012

St. John's Island - an escape from the hustle bustle of the mainland

With yet another attempt for us to get-away from the hustle and bustle of city living without having to leave the country,  with a few friends, we decided to have a short get-away to one of the Southern Islands of this tiny island state (Yes, this tiny islands is surrounded by other tiny islands ;).
St. John Island, previously known as Pulau Sakijang Bendera, is one of the Southern Islands in Singapore. It is located approximately 6.5 km to the south of the main island of Singapore, off the Straits of Singapore.
There are a number of holiday bungalows and a holiday camp located on the island to cater for those in need of a short break away from their hectic lives on the mainland.
The island has a much colorful history than simply being a holiday destination. It is formerly housed a quarantine station for cholera cases detected among immigrants in the late 19th century, and starting from 1901, victims of beriberi were also brought to the island. By 1930, the island gained world recognition as a quarantine center screening Asian immigrants and pilgrims returning from Mecca. The quarantine station was eventually also used to house victims of other diseases, such as leprosy. When mass immigration was closed in mid-20th century, the island was used to house a penal settlement and a drug rehabilitation center. The 40.5-hectare hilly island was transformed in 1975 into a tranquil getaway with swimming lagoons, beaches, picnic grounds, trekking routes and soccer fields.  –source-
Despite its “colorful” history, we manage to have a good time.  Rustic life I should say but after all it’s not the place but the company you are with.  Here are some of the pictures we too from our short get-away
welcome to St. John's

boat ride

get away with friends

vanity at the beach

an early morning stretch

i believe i can fly!!!
They also say, that the island boasts of marvelous reefs and marine life in Singapore…Hmmm this I have yet to see…Maybe till next visit…

But you may check this blog as proof of that amazing marine life in talking about

Any short island get-away recently? :)

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