Thursday, March 29, 2012

Of writing resolutions...

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~We build our character from the bricks of habit we pile up day by day. - Zig Ziglar ~

With the first quarter of 2012 going to say adieu this Saturday I have thought that it’s about time I begin to write my year’s resolution. Yes, I know I am three months overdue, but after years of wanting to improve and be a better person as each New Year arrives, I have come to learn that

- You can do your resolutions anytime of the year it does not necessarily have to be the 1st of Jan of each new year (and no it’s not just a lame of excuse of my part ;) wink wink)

- I better have 3 or 5 measurable definite things with defined benefits why having this change in my life is good so that I can realistically achieve them within a given time frame rather than writing a long list that will very well be called “wishes” instead of goals.

- It takes 21 days to form a habit or is it 30? Whatever number of days, the point being, slow and steady is the way to go.

With these said here are my resolutions goals that I plan to achieve for this year:

1. Live a healthier life by eating healthy (oats, more veggies and fruits) and giving time for exercise.


       o Slimmer me ;) Yay!!!

       o Happier me ;) Think endorphins

       o A more zestful and energetic me ;)

2. Less impulse shopping and more savings


        o I can expect the unexpected without fear (Emergency fund)

        o Ready when opportunity knocks

        o Can make our dreams come true (really praying hard for this ;)

        o Can give back with joy

3. Read More


        o Enhanced smarts - makes you smarter and keeps you sharp as you age

        o Increased vocabulary

        o Enhanced writing skills

        o Makes you more interesting. Widens your horizon of information and you get to experience the diversity of peoples’ culture & lifestyle in the comforts of your own home. (But if you have the means, please do supplement your reading with Travelling)

There I have listed my goals which will keep me busy for next 9 months  (parang buntis lang). And hopefully I can still have room for the two things below

      1. Travel to at least 5 different countries this year (3 down 2 to go)

       2. Blog more often ;)

How about you what do you plan to achieve or resolved to do this year?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Singapore I love - FOOD

I was commenting to hubby a few nights ago over a big dish of Chili Crab that if ever I have to leave Singapore for good I would definitely miss the food. 
Yes, it’s really a food paradise here.  Well my mom’s kitchen boasts also of a wonderful gastronomic experience, but for the adventurous and the daring foodies, yes this tiny island state is a haven.
An amalgam of Chinese, Malay, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, American, African, Mexican, Spanish, Russian, Swiss, Dutch and many more…
Char Kway Teow, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Fish Ball Noodles are some Chinese delicaies that are definitely worth the try.  It's hard to pass up an Indian breakfast of roti-prata, griddle-fried flaky white-flour bread served with mild chicken curry.  And who says no to the traditional breakfast of kaya toast, half boiled eggs and coffee?
Barbequed stringray topped with a magnificent sambal (spicy prawn and chilli paste) with lime or sugar cane juice is an eating experience you definitely would not want to miss.
Take a seat in after you ordered your banana leaf set. A choice selection of ready made fish, chicken, mutton, vegetable, in curry that comes along with briyanni rice.  Lime juice is definitely the obligatory drink that refreshes your curry scorched palates.
I could go on and on… And words are not enough to describe a uniquely Singaporean gastronomic experience.  You have to experience it yourself.  Hope this pictures would whet your appetite...Hmmmm Yummy…

sliced fish soup with milk

chilli crab :)

banana leaf set (briyanni rice chicken mutton)

fried tofu in thai style sauce

black pepper crab with rice

sea bass in something sauce...basta masarap pramis :)


japanese array

sushi, shrimps, baked mussels and crablets :)

Aston's black pepper chicken &  my to die for
potato salad (OA lang) but really its masarap

chicken curry

chicken curry and kopi (coffee with milk)

laksa (noodle in spicy milky broth)

Cafe Cartel's steak 

traditionally breakfast
kaya toast & half boiled egg with kopi or tea :)

And a whole lot more...These are just a few of my food adventure souvenir shots in Singapore.  So what are you waiting for, do visit Singapore and have a food experience of a lifetime. :)

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