Friday, December 2, 2011

How do you handle disappointments?

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Like a little kid playing happily with a new toy, and when he is already in the midst of enjoying it, it was suddenly snatched from him.

Yes, disappointments are part of life. It’s the hard harsh truth that reality does bite. But despite armed with this knowledge, we still feel bad. We still feel sad. We still question ourselves, “Where I went wrong?” "Have I not prayed hard enough?" " Had I not hoped for it really badly?"

How do you handle setbacks?

How do you handle disappointments?

Yes, I cry, I feel bad and heave a deep sigh and say “Life is really unfair”. But after having said that, I know that there are things that no matter how hard we try, it’s totally beyond our control. No matter how hard we pray, the answer may not be a “Yes” now, it could be a “wait a while longer” or probably “I have something better for you”.

Whatever it may be, having complete trust that God knows what is best for you….

You move on – smiling, trusting, letting go.

You soar through life fortified with the knowledge that “tough times never last, tough people do”.

How about you, how do you handle disappointments and setbacks?
Love and Life,
Anne :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Conversation with hubby this morning:  (actual conversation was in our dialect)
Me:  I won’t put on make-up bhe, it would take a longer time and we are running late. You might be late for your appointment.
Hubby:  No, it’s ok; we still have time for you to put on your make up.
I did my make up while hubby was waiting.
Me: Bhe, why do you want me to put on my make-up? You want me to look pretty always?
Hubby:  With or without make-up, you will always be beautiful to me.  But I don’t mind waiting for a few minutes because I know you feel much better if you have time to unhurriedly prettify yourselfJ.
Aaaaawwww the sweetest, he knows I’ve been feeling like crap lately because I have put on the pounds L  I need to exercise and go on a diet………………..All the Best!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just around the corner...

I always love new beginnings. A start of a day, a start of a month, a start of the year, it always give me a reason to start with something new.

It’s the start of the month and in a few more weeks, a start of the year, time to access the things that happened through the year and sit down and look forward to the goals to be set for the next year.

Probably I will be starting a new list of places to see, things to do, books to read and movies to watch…. I will be posting them soon, so keep on the lookout ;)

How time files. When you get too engaged in the day to day goings on of life and living, you don’t notice that time has pass by so swiftly.
time flies, time zooms...
the only way i know how to stop it, is to take a picture of it

2012 is just around the corner. Hopeful, grateful and looking forward…

Would love to hear from you, how 2011 has been to you and what are the things you look forward to on 2012…

Friday, October 21, 2011

Humbled and Honored...

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Of late, I have been busy. Yes busy, “googling” (if there is such a word) on how to live a luxurious life for less. Ha! Dreaming…. But while I was hopping from one blog to another, I stumbled upon the blog of my high school classmate. Less than 2 decades out of high school can really bring people to places.

She is working as a humanitarian. I don’t know what humanitarians actually do in detail, but one thing for sure, I know they are strong people living their passion and that they have really big big big hearts to forego the comforts of life to make a difference in the world.

Reading at her different posts, took me to a journey of the highs and lows of living in an African continent. Though it is laden with misery and hardships; still you cannot ignore the beauty and charm of the place and the people.

I know looking at suffering straight in the eye can leave some jaded, and a looming question of “Why?” A very simple question asked with much anguish and pain directed to our Maker.

While I applaud my magnanimous school mate of long ago, I hope she will find solace in the message and comforting article I have shared with her. The answer to the “why” gives me comfort, gives me hope, that even if day after day, I am living with much triviality I know something wonderful and far more grander than any noble act can bring.

Let me share with you the message I left her:

“While I’m here freezing in my cramp cubicle complaining on how I should be out on a tropical holiday, I have much comforts to enjoy within my reach. Lately my primary concern is just to Google on how to live a luxurious life for less, be an amazing wife and juggle a not so fab career and living the good life….

After reading your experiences, I am humbled by your magnanimity as compared to my triviality; and I am honored that I have actually gone to the same school with you. You may not be a superwoman but you are definitely a strong woman with the biggest of heart. Foregoing comforts and helping out and making a difference in this world. I applaud you Ms. Reiza Dejito. But somehow, I am bothered at how looking at poverty and suffering straight in the eye, has somehow affected your relationship with our Maker.

I definitely cannot walk in the shoes you are in right know, it’s too big and too overwhelming for me, but let me share you this link; an article giving light and reassuring answer to one of life’s perplexing question and if left unanswered in the face of suffering and misery, could erode our faith in our Creator.

Hope you find time to read….”

To Ms. Reiza Dejito, kudos to you….And if you guys would like to learn of her adventures and what a humanitarian actually does, join me as we follow her in her wandering.

Hi Reiz, I hope you don’t mind I linked your adventures here ;)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A different side of Singapore

A weekend get-away is always a welcome respite after a long grueling week. A few months back, I have managed to buy some deals offering a weekend getaway. 53% off for a 2D1N stay at Celestial Resort at Pulau Ubin Inclusive of Lagoon Snorkelling + Fish Spa + Welcome Drink @ Only $35 per pax instead of $75 (Minimum 2 pax to go).

Before hitting the buy button, I checked out the website and it shows that the original price of a standard twin sharing room is S$118 (inclusive of GST & service charge, breakfast, and free usage of Lagoon and Netball facilities). 35sgd per person, hmmm not bad... Hit buy button.

We have truly enjoyed the short get-away. It showed us a different side of Singapore. Gone are the skyscrapers with bustling crowds shoving their way to the MRT, instead we were welcomed by rustic ambience of village life. For a while we were transported to a different Singapore as we cycled vast stretch of virgin forests and managed to see a komodo dragon unassumingly crossed the street, oblivious to its surrounding. After a few minutes of cycling, out from the bushes, a wild pig cross our way. I'm not sure who is more frightened by my shrill shout, me or the wild pig ;) Too bad, I was too preoccupied to steady my bike and have not taken a snap of the "adorable" wild pig.
After a few more minutes of cycling, we finally reached our destination – Chek Jawa wetlands. 

Let our pictures tell you the story of a laidback Singapore.

on the way to Pulau Ubin via a bump boat ride

just arrived..

enjoying the welcome drinks

fish spa @ Celestial Resort
cycling around the island
taking a breather

macho man
meets the komodo dragon

after what seems like forever, finally reached Chek Jawa wetlands..
all the pedalling was worth it...simply breathtaking, kudos to the Artist :)

For nature lovers and adventure seeker's go give Pulau Ubin a try :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Luxury Defined

A life of luxury isn’t just all about fancy cars, designer bags, or an exotic get-away (sure it doesn’t hurt if we get to enjoy these). But for your average Joe and the ordinary Jane like me, this definition of luxury could just be very well a dream… And if we don’t stop a while and wake up from this dreaming, this could very well translate into a nightmare…(READ huge credit card debts, endlessly running in the rat race, and the list goes on .......scaaaarrrry)

Sometimes, it really just about enjoying the small details about your life and being grateful for what you have.

Luxury defined: enjoying a hot cup of chamomile tea from the 300Php tea set (10SGD more or less) and banana Q (caramelized fried banana) on a lazy Saturday afternoon.
Pure bliss, simply luxurious................

How about you, how do you define your luxury.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Simply Chic

100% chic and charming

“A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.” – Coco Chanel

For the past few days, I have been reading a blog on how to be chic. Good read good post. Though some may not be applicable for me, I am a very private person, so I try to write my thoughts for my own benefit only. But I would love to start on a journey on how to be chic. I will adopt some of the suggestions I have read, look at beautiful/chic women around and learn from them. Today I begin my adventure and journey into a chic, fabulous life without breaking my budget. In fact part of being chic and fabulous, I intend to grow the savings account too. So join me in my journey to chic and fabulous life on a not so fabulous budget.

Always look your best and be presentable

Whether you go out for a jog, buy something at the grocery or just out and about, you make sure that you are at your best self for that particular occasion. Well this involves for my part, planning my wardrobe for the whole week. I have started I make Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings planning for what to wear for the whole week. This may include some dress rehearsals and ironing and washing clothes. Never forget to retouch, retouch and retouch. We have to admit those lovely ladies gracing the glossies have a whole ‘army’ to retouch then from time to time. I may not have the whole army but I will make sure that I stay fresh and presentable though out the day.

Always looking your best and presentable includes a whole lot of spectrum that’s why I have added this one first on the list. Conscious effort to look good all the time should be the aim. But having said that, this does not mean that you become narcissist, but rather fix yourself up, but the minute you step out for the public to view, forget about yourself and exude confidence.

Here's to the start of our journey to a chic life :)
How about you, what do you think are pathways to a more chic and fabulous life?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


a realist masquerading as a cynic who is secretly an optimist… with that said...that's the reason she got HITCHED ;)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Run forest run.....

A few years after I stepped in this island state, I was introduced to a sport called running.  I did not know it was a sport then.  In my “kampong” (by the way that’s how locals refer to one’s hometown province) running was mostly done only when you want to save your life from your neighbor’s dog after you stole mangoes from their mango tree .
But to be fair with my “kampong”, they do now have running competition.  A proof? My sis is a 5 KM Milo finisher.  Clap Clap Clap.
I have always wanted to try out this sport. I find those women running around the block, the park so cool. (At dahil sa ingittera ako) I did go out my way and buy myself running shoes and tried to run around my block and the park. Sad to say it was an on and off relationship with my running shoes. 4 years have passed and with two running shoes in my shoe rack (I buy the second one in the hope to get me motivated, so much for motivation I guess) I still haven’t taken up the sport.

But this year, I have decided I am going to be proactive. There finally, I registered for one of the most celebrated event of the year, The Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011. Now let’s see how ‘s this as a motivation for me. All the Best! :) …...dusting off my running shoes ……run forest run
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