Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to renew your Philippine passport in Singapore

A passport with at least six months’ validity is a standard requirement for international travel, applicants are advised to renew their passports early to avoid inconvenience.

While my passport is still valid until February 2014, I went ahead early last June to have my passport renewed as it takes around 8 weeks to have your new passport after the renewal application.

I don't know if you find it a good thing or not, but "walkins" (coming to the embassy for passport renewal without an appointment) is no longer allowed.  Good thing my friend FYI'ed me or I would have happily marched to the embassy unannounced.  I did not know! You don't renew your passport every month or every year.

So after some googling and a visit to the Philippine Embassy website, I am set about to renew my passport.

1. I made an online appointment via the online e-appointment system found here.  Once you have log-in, the system will show you available dates for your appointment.  Unfortunately, weekends are not available.  Once you have selected a date, it will show the list of timings and the number of available slots.

Once you have completed, an automated confirmation email will be sent to you.  You have to print this out and present it on the day of your scheduled appointment. Don't forget to bring this as you won't be allowed to enter the embassy without this confirmation appointment. 

2. The next step is to fill up the application form completely.  You can download the form here.

3.  Along with the fully completd application form, make sure you have your complete documentation which includes the following

a.) Singapore IC, these could be your blue IC if you are a permanent resident or your employment pass.  This is your proof of residence here in Singapore.  (Original and Photocopy)

b.) Passport.  Have the data page photocopied.

c.) And cash of 102SGD as they only accept cash.

d.) Printout of confirmation message.

For household service workers, you ar required to bring a copy of your Employment Contract.

4.  On the day of the appointment, you must come on time. The embassy expects you to be properly dressed, meaning no shorts, slippers and sandos are allowed.  You also are encouraged to wear a collared shirt.  And since its only "encouraged", I didn't wear one, so I ended up having a standby shawl in the embassy wrapped around my shoulders because they deemed that my shirt's neckline is too low and thus not passport worthy :)

Here is an excerpt I got from the embassy guidelines.  Please be detailed in checking your passport as carelessness would cost you.

"Review your passport enrollment certificate before signing, as your signature indicates consent and acceptance of the details as encoded for printing in your new passport. If there is a mistake in the encoding (the most common mistakes are birthdates, the spelling of the first name or surname, and gender of an infant), the resulting passport will also carry that mistake. In such cases, the applicant will have to reapply for a new passport, pay for the same fees, and wait for the same amount of time (around six weeks)."

6. They will give you a blue collection ship with an indication of when you can collect your passport.  Unfortunately, they only do collections on weekdays.   Fortunately, they allow someone to collect in your behalf (good thing especially if your running out of annual leaves just like me).  Just make sure that aside from your current passport, you have to make sure that the person who is going to collect your passport brings along with him a signed authorization letter and a photocopy of your ID. (I assume this is your Singapore IC)

You can refer to this site here for FAQs, it quite useful and informative.


Miguel said...

How long did you have to wait before you got your new passport?

ranne said...

about a month plus...around 6 weeks at that time...not sure if still that timing though :)

Nicole said...

Do we have to take the passport photo before going to the embassy? Or do we take it on that day at the embassy itself? Thanks.

ranne said...

sorry nicole I was in hibernation :) did not read this...I guess you have your passport processed already...

but anyways, the photo is taken at the embassy

Anonymous said...

how long did it take to complete the process of filling out the forms, picture taking etc..from the time you arrived and left the embassy?

nit goyal said...

Need some help. My fdw who is filipina went to Embassy after an appointment to get her passport renewed (which is expiring June 2017).
She was told that she has a case against her name ( in NBI database) and that she needs to get some sort of NOC before passport can be renewed.
Can someone suggest what options do we have at hand here - send her to Philippines to obtain NOC, renew passport and then come back to singapore? Or do we have any other options?

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