Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Reviving a love affair

a love affair of reading that is :)

I love reading.  I have always been a reader for as long as I can remeber.  Reading a good book can mean travelling to a whole other time or place.

If you sit down with a good book to read, it is as if you can go to an entirely different world, and be in a world of your own for a few hours.  I notice that it also helps increase my vocabulary. 

Now, I'm letting you in my own little secret...  I so love the smell of the crisp pages of a new book.  So even if I am in the technology industry, I still love a real book as compared to a digital one.  Flipping through its pages is kind off therapuetic for me.  Im old fashion like that.

But despite my love for books and reading, as a self-proclaimed bookworm unfortunately I am so "under read".  Leisurely reading is indeed a luxury now a days.

Hey, if you really set your heart into something, you will always find time right?

And so this year, I will revive my love for reading by starting a goal of reading X number of books per year.

Considering that half of the year has gone by, I am targeting on 6 books for 2013. One book a month.  Now, with all the juggling between work and domestic "divaness", I hope my target is not so ambitious.

So to kick-off this 6 books project, I have already compiled a list of books I have read here and I am hoping to increase it exponentially (hahaha!!!) 

I am starting this project with this Grisham book which I gifted the hubby last summer.

Here's to  more reading and an increased vocabulary for 2013.  I wonder how new motherhood would fit into this.  Well, all the best to me! :)

Do you enjoy reading books ? What kind of books do you like to read and who’s your favorite author/authors?  What books will you be reading this year?  Let's build a list!

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