Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hard Rock Hotel @ Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

The plan was to go on a three day holiday here

and just simply laze the days away as we savor the moment that we have finally reached 1 year of togetherness....But due to unforeseen but very welcome circumstances, we opted to cancel the travel plan.  But an important milestone cannot  be just  celebrated at home, so Hubby and I decided to have a staycation.  We are staycations fanatics, as you can see from here and here.  And this time round, we booked a one night stay at Hard Rock Hotel Resorts World Sentosa.

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore received the Gold Award for: Best 5 in Asia in the Category of HAPA Signature Deluxe Hotel. The hotel's tag line is "Rock and roll attitude meets five-star service"  True to its word it's rock and roll attitude all right with pictures of rock and roll stars and other pop stars decorating the place.

I was kind of weirded out though by the pictures hanged above the bed, I felt like someone was watching us while we were sleeping.  Ha ha ha, just making it obvious that I am not a rock and roll fan.  However, i love the sitting nook by the window.  It was cozy and comfy and the view from our window was the pool.  Love it!

our headboard have pictures of the beatles and others I don't actually recognize..hehehe

pool view from our room
Consistent with the rock and roll theme, even the bathroom toiletries are charmingly placed inside a small box designed to resemble a guitar. I find it cool despite me being void of rock and roll vibes in my body :)

The overall stay was A-OK.  Probably I was not very impress kasi nga, I'm not a rock and roll fan.  But the pool was another story.  I am inlove with it.  It is huge, with a pool bar!  One side of it was made to make it appear like a beach, they filled it with white sand with few coconut trees dotting the sides of the pool.  It was like you are transported to some island get-away. 

getting ready for an early morning swim

hubby contemplating by the pool ;) 
Yes, despite cancelling the Phuket trip, we celebrated our anniversary in style.  Hard Rock Hotel baby!  But the best part of it was that we did not spend a single dime for our stay (sans our dinner and breakfast of course (since the price was not inclusive of a buffet breakfast, that is my best part pa naman of staying in a hotel ...sadness). 
As an advocate of the good life for less, I scoured the hotel deals at Agoda.com, and fortunately was able to get a discounted rate of 50% off.  Cool!  And then, I offsetted the remaining balance from my company benefit of a healthy lifestyle.  Total price = $0 sgd.  How cool is that?  Healthy lifestyle indeed!
The best things in life do come by for free... and what makes it priceless?  That I was spending it with the love of my life.  Ahhhh bliss.   And now thats what I call a good life.
How about you,  what are some tips  you can share to live a good life for less?  This frugal wifey and momma to be would love to know.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Nesting Already? :)

I think my nesting period is starting to kick in quite early.  I have suddenly felt the urge to be organized.  The site of clutter gives me headache…No wonder I am having headaches more frequently now ;)

Pregnancy experts say the cause of the nesting instinct is both physical and emotional. A woman’s hormones during pregnancy are responsible for the most of the nesting instinct, and residual survival instinct is responsible for the rest. The nesting instinct can be observed in all pregnant mammals as they prepare for birth.  Well I'm mammal after all.  :D
Now I have three projects in mind. I want to rearrange our room, get ready the baby’s room and buy me a Moses basket.  Yah, yah I know the Moses basket is way too early.  But I stumbled upon Frances Sales blog and saw her cute baby boy snuggled inside his Moses basket.  Just adorable...  So I think if I buy me a Moses basket, baby beanie (aka Jasmon) would look equally adorable too. Ha ha ha… 

Here are some inspirations I have for our bedroom:
I want it clean and simple, criteria should have a nightlamp at the side for my late night readings.

                                                       I like the lamps and the paintings above

                                                 Again clean and crisp with the night lamps J

 Ideas for baby room and my Moses Basket ;)  Dream dream dream…I’m always dreaming…
                                                          Loving the Japanese latterns

                                        Space maximized is really appreciated in cramp Singapore ;)

                       I don’t like the predominant brown color though.  But I like its compactness.

Jasmon, whether you are girl or boy, you will look simply adorable snuggled inside one of these baskets J LOVE

 We will start the cleaning this weekend!  Of course I’m on boarding hubby with my nesting J

Ahhh happiness is a loving husband!
How about you any interesting nesting experiences you would like to share?  I would love to hear about it :).



Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We are expecting!

When I found out I was pregnant, it sent a flurry of emotions all over my body.  I felt nervous, excited, surprised, scared, delighted, overwhelmed all at the same time.  When the pregnancy test came out with two red lines, I was excited to tell the news!  But I was also hesistant because of this morbid fear that if I miscarry, I don't have to retract the announcement and save me from the unspoken or spoken sympathy that might be offered to me.  Yeah I told you its morbid :)  But anyways, we are on to our 13th week! Yay!  And according to experts and numerous articles I have read on the net, the likelihood of miscarriage has dropped significantly.

Since I have not let you in the news, allow me now to tell you how I find out about this little beanie inside me....

I was in denial stage.  My inner gut feel was seriously suspecting that I was pregnant. My period was delayed. Not just fashionably late but really late.  And I never missed a period.  But as I was on denial stage (with so many plans ahead, baby for this year was not really included, we were hoping for it to arrive by 2013), so I just blame it to stress and other stuff.
But then my gut feel did not stop nagging me, that I finally asked hubby to buy me a home pregnancy test kit.  I waited for a couple of days before I used it. Very early in the morning, first try two red lines.  Is this real?!? Did I follow the instructions correctly?  Hmmm I went back to sleep as I do not want to disturb hubby who is sleeping so soundly.  When I woke up again at 5:30, I used the remaining kit and did a test again.  2 red lines… This has to be it, I lay beside hubby and when he stirred I told him I was pregnant.  Though he was still a bit sleepy he looked silly happy when he heard the news.  I on the other hand was still unconvinced.
The following day, hubby and I went to the local pharmacy to buy another pregnancy kit.  2 red lines…And I asked hubby to use the other kit to test on him (hahaha I know it is silly, but I was not convinced, maybe his would also show two red lines LOL).  One red line for hubby, ok the kit is reliable.  And so that means that yes I am going to be a mommy soon! 
I was happy, but scared.  I “sms” my mom and sister and told them about the news.  I know they will relay to my brother and SIL.  Yes I am happy scared.  I know with this gift comes responsibilities.  I know that gone are the carefree days of mindless eating out, impulse shopping and on the whim travels.  I know we are entering a new chapter of our lives.  And soon we will take on a new role.  Yes we will become parents soon!  A little one would now depend his existence on his parents.  I am happy.  I am scared.  I am moody.  I am crazy, bursting into tears for no reason.  And I am also always hungry.   

But when I saw beanie (which by the way we have nicknamed Jasmon courtesy of my niece Reeze) for the first time, with his tiny hands as if waving to his parents and his heart beating, an unexplainable feeling of joy enveloped me.

I guess this is pregnancy, the good, the bad, the ugly.But yes, it is a truly beautiful experience that I am relishing now.
How about you, how did you find out you were expecting?
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