Tuesday, July 9, 2013

T Time

Tummy time is important.  Tita Doc back in the Philippines has constantly reminded as why LO should have more tummy time.  Now Doctor K is saying the same thing.

Supervised tummy time (that is during baby's waking hours) is important to help babies to push up and eventually crawl.  The muscles of the neck, shoulders, arms and torso are strengthened during this exercise.  This will help prepare your baby for major developmental milestones such as rolling over, crawling, standing up and eventually walking.
 While some babies enjoy being put on their tummy, some babies for whatever reason just don't like it.  And so the tummy time, becomes torture time.

 I wish we could make tummy time a more enjoyable experience for the poor little fellow.  We are working hard on that.

Could this be the reason why he does not like tummy time?  Bad hair day! 

After T Time, I am sporting a Donald Trump hairstyle!!!

Does your little one enjoy tummy time? Or does he wail like he is being tortured and melts mommy's heart?  How do you make tummy time enjoyable for the little one?

Please share your thoughts.

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