Friday, December 12, 2008

To the one I will love...

Every night when the moon starts to wax and until it reaches it's full, I never fail to look out my window wistful, thinking of you, the one I will love.

And at the same time, I am wondering if you are thinking of me.
Once or twice I thought I have found you, only to be splashed by the cold reality that my wait hasn’t ended yet.

I wake up each day hoping that this would be the day I would finally meet you.
Oftentimes I wonder how our paths would cross. Would it be as romantic as the ones I read in my cheesy novels?

Or could you be the guy in the train who was sitting across me on my way home?

Or is it possible that I already know you, but we have yet to realize that we are meant to be?

All these questions, I have no answers. And yes, frustration and disappointments seeps in

A number of times I am ready to give up, but the thought of finally knowing how it feels like to be in your arms, to look in your eyes and feel secure, to be able to laugh at your silly little ways, or how your smile and your annoying yet endearing quirks would put a smile of contentment on my lips.

All these keep me going and longing for the life I will spend with you.

I think of the pain and tears I’ve gone through in life and ask myself whether I am willing to subject myself to such lengths just to find you.

But deep in my heart, I know that you are worth all that pain and sacrifice.

I wonder if you have been through much pain as well? How many times have you been hurt along the way? Once, twice, or countless times?

Please, to you, the one I will love….don’t give up because I am right here, waiting……….
Patiently waiting to heal the wounds you might have had on your journey to reach my heart.
And before I say good night to the faithful moon and close the curtains of my window, I say a silent prayer…..

Wishing….hoping…that in time it would reach you. And in my moments of impatience,
I just close my eyes, heave a loud sigh and believe that you are on your way.

When I finally close my eyes to sleep, you enter my dreams as a faceless knight. It seems that for now it’s the only place where I get to be with you.

And these all the more, makes me want to wake up and face the day with the hope that you would no longer be just a faceless knight in a dream, but a reality.

My reality, my life…..

And to you, the one I will love, hold on to our dream. Never let go.

Believe that someday, when the right time comes God will help us to recognize each other.

Longingly yet patiently waiting,

The one who will love you.

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