Friday, December 12, 2008

Singapore Sling with Style

To officially end my friend’s five day visit in Singapore, we decided to do it in style. We donned on our hippest yuppie night out get up to somehow camouflage that in actual fact we are puppies (READ Poor Urban Professionals).

First stop, Marriot Hotel at the heart of Orchard Road for our authentic Chinese dinner. According to one Singaporean old timer friend that years ago before they transformed it into a buzzing shopping district, Orchard Road was really an orchard. Well so much for history lesson there off we go for our dinner. We conveniently took the MRT to reach the place. Why bother take a 5 dollar cab ride when you can reach there in a train for 70 cents, right? After dinner, my friend and I both agreed that the service was good and the food was great. Thanks to the vouchers I won during our company function, I was able to afford a pricey meal in a classy restaurant with a working girl’s salary. So after having drunk cup after cup after cup of jasmine tea over engaging conversation of bygone years, of high school memories, and new life and adventures, it was time for our next stop, Raffles Hotel for a taste of the famous Singapore Sling the Long Bar way.

As we stepped inside the bar, I could feel the cracking sound my footsteps are making. I looked down and said to myself: “The bar goers in this place are sure a messy bunch”. We opted to take the cozy nook in lieu of the long bar. After having ordered our Singapore slings, I nudge my friend and asked, “Why are there so many peanut shells scattered all over the floor.
“Well don’t ask me I’ve just been here for 5 days, you should know better after being here for over a year.” He replied. “I’m well at home at insomnia with its loud pinoy band you know, drinking SMB Pale Pilsen.” I retorted. Insomnia would be another story though ;-)

When our cocktails arrived, my friend managed with quite impressive finesse to ask the waiter why so many peanut shells are scattered all over the place. The waiter was more than willing to share us the story behind our mystery. According to him, the actual site where Raffles Hotel sits was a rubber plantation. When one walks in a rubber plantation his footstep would make crackling sound caused by the dried rubber tree leaves. Thus scattering peanut shells all over the floor would somehow relive the past.
As my friend become chummy with the waiter and managed to get a lot of free glass mat souvenirs, I began to survey the place with my eyes. My, it was packed with men in rolled long-sleeves and sophisticated women laughing, talking and simply having a good time. These very same men and women would be doing history-making financial decisions tomorrow, or they could be on their way to New York or London perhaps to close million dollar deals.
With no intention of eavesdropping (hehehe) I strained my ear to hear what their conversations are. Well if they are powerful men and women making million dollar decisions everyday, I might pick up a tip or two in how to break the glass ceiling.
When I finally make out what they were talking about, a smile of amusement spread across my face. Corporate suits discussing life’s mundane little things over a glass of Singapore Sling. Now that’s what I call “Style”.

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