Friday, December 12, 2008

Cool Off

I can’t really recall how we started, or how we get to click. I’ve known him since childhood, he has always been around. Maybe it was circumstances that pushed us together. Senior year in college was tough. Long nights, tight project deadlines and whirlwind social activities. He kept me awake during those long nights; he relieves my tension as I rushed for a deadline. And so there he was, just being around every time I need a good boost. I guess that’s how our romance started.

Even after college, when I joined the ranks of the “employed”, we never lost touch. In fact the relationship deepened. Just to be near and being able to smell him perks up my mornings. And day by day, my longing for him has grown. I’m no longer content with our morning rendezvous. I must have my afternoon and evening moments with him to make my day complete. If a day passes by without him, I get a splitting headache and can be quite cranky. And every time I talk to mom, she never fails to give a litany of why I should give up this obscure addiction. So then, I realized that I was not just “in love”. I was totally, completely hooked.

Cliché as it may sound, but Mother knows best. I can see my obsession on him has affected my health. I have sleepless nights, and dark circles around my eyes the next day. My concentration span has gone rather short. I’d rather do routine work than think of logical programming solutions (goes with the job description). So with all the resolve I can muster, I say to myself “I must put an end to all these!”

It’s been a month now since I’ve gone cold turkey on Mr. Coffee. I still get cravings for a good cup of joe and the aroma of java beans still warms me inside out. But for now, I must say no until I learn self control. I’m sure my love affair with coffee isn’t over yet….perhaps we just need time away from each other..

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