Friday, December 12, 2008

Testing the waters…of the ocean called Blogging

Why am I blogging here?

2 months ago, I was suffering from burn-out. Why I say so? Well I have manifested most of symptoms that according to experts are sure signs of burn-out.

Symptom number 1) Low energy level or chronic tiredness. After 8 full hours of good night’s sleep, I still wake up feeling sluggish.Now what can you say about that? Definitely burn-out

Symptom number 2) Decreased attention, concentration, or ability to think clearly. Oh well, nothing as dramatic as being hit by a speeding automobile because I did not bother whether it’s the red man or the green man flashing from across me. It’s just as mundane as not completing my reports because I kept messing up with my SQL statements and if I haven’t got my act together could only mean losing my job, which means I won’t be receiving my pay check, which would mean, that I would have no money to pay for rent or buy food and would mean me having to sleep in some bench in the park and that my dinner would mean waiting for unfinished meals in hawker centers (translation - carinderia)…so you see, nothing dramatic.

Symptom number 3) Pain in the back or neck. I guess I am not exaggerating when I say my boss is a "pain in the neck", because 2 months ago it is literally true. (She doesn’t read blogs, does she? Hope not!!!)

But it’s not my purpose to enumerate the signs and symptoms of burn-out, which I think so far, I have successfully done. But nuf said of that……….

So why am I here? Because I have practically nothing to do! Thanks to the fact that our project is finally over and mind you it’s a total disaster which lead me to saying that "Life is cruel". Alright, in my almost 3 decades of existence, I know for a fact that life does sting, but it was another reaffirmation of that fact. But then again the gory details of why I came up with this declaration would be in another blog. Well, back to the topic at hand. (Why do I have a feeling that I am manifesting symptom number 2 again?).

Wow, in just a few sentences in my blogging, I have come up with this hypothesis that burn out has similar manifestations as BORED OUT. Interesting…….
Hmmmm…I might enjoy blogging after all. =)

Until the next blog or my rice bowl will fly out of the window

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