Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This duck..does quack

floating placidly on the pond but you know underneath the feet are paddling like crazy
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 I was browsing through my posted pictures in Facebook, and I realized I do live quite a “charmed” life in a way. Well if I solely base it on the pictures I post... short get-away here and there, food photos, family gatherings, and wonderful pictures of family, friends and the ones we love dear…. Yeah I live a charmed life alright.

But behind those posted pictures is the “oh not so charming” details of my life. I start my day at 6:00 AM and I hit the snooze button twice. After the second snooze button, I struggle for I few minutes to get my lazy self out of bed. With my hair disheveled, I twist it with a big clamp and head to the kitchen to cook breakfast and our pack lunch. Not so charming right? But at least when I arrived at the kitchen, I have my ingredients prepared already (most of the time that is). Veggies cut, onions minced, table set (this part I find charming. Thanks Hubs …and I don’t mind if you do it ALL the time… *wink *wink)

Our mornings are quite rush. I need to be in the office, and start my role as a corporate slave the latest by 9:30 AM. From our flat to the MRT station is roughly a 10 minute walk, the train ride to the office is another 15 minute, and the company shuttle/or walk from MRT station to my office is another 10 minutes. And before all this walking and travelling, is the “where’s my key… where’s my id…what I am going to wear this morning?!?…I don’t have shoes to match this outfit…hubs don’t forget your baon…” moments. You get the picture?

While I was applying my lipstick and thinking what belt would complement my outfit for the day and at the back of my mind reassuring myself that my office keys and ID are left in the office and not lost, a thought struck my mind. (I guess this is what I have meant in my resume when I say “work well under-pressure”, na carry pang magpaka-profound ang tita nyo ha ;)) But seriously, I have thought of the proverbial duck. You see a duck floating placidly on the pond but you know that underneath the feet are paddling like crazy. And yesterday I felt like that duck!

Sometimes our families, friends and other people might think that we have accomplish something quite easily without much effort, when in fact we need to paddle like we are in a kayak moving through the rapids of a raging and roaring river.

In a way it’s good to be a duck, and not let fear, stress of daily life and anxiety get the best of us. But then again ducks do quack right?

And so this duck may appear calm but she does quack! :)

it feels good to quack! :)
 I think it’s good to quack sometimes…. Do you feel like a need to quack?

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