Monday, February 20, 2012

Bintan Get-away

Hubs and I went away for a short get-away to Bintan Island, Indonesia to temporarily escape from the hordes and cares of city living.
We started the day early, because our Ferry will leave Singapore at 9:10 AM and that we need to check in an hour before the departure. As the travel from our place down to Tanah Merah Interchange would approximately take an hour, so we left while it was still dark.

all set to go...
From the Tanah Merah Interchange, we took the bus 35 that goes directly to the Ferry Terminal. We were already running as we arrived there less than an hour before departure time. The journey from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Bintan approximately took us about an hour. We did experience a bit of a rough seas because of the monsoon, but all in all it was quite a good sail.

When we reached Bintan, though the queue was quite long at the immigration, it was quite a breeze (as compared to the hassle and blatant “unethical” behavior I have observe at Batam immigration).

But the journey to the resort was a different story. I was almost more than an hour’s journey by the hotel’s free shuttle! I remarked to hubby that this resort would not be for people not so patient, coz it was a looong journey.

For those who have gone to Bintan for a get-away, you might wonder why the travel time to the resort from the Ferry Terminal takes a long time….? Well, the deal that I have bought from (I have bought most of our get-aways from this website) is not part of the Bintan Resorts Group. We booked for an overnight stay at Bintan Agro Beach Resort and Spa. The deal was for an overnight stay, plus return ferry tickets, breakfast, set lunch and dinner. Plus 5 minuted banana boat ride (which we did not get to ride because we have no time), 30 minutes bicycle ride, 30 minutes kayak. Not bad for the price we paid of only 99 SGD. But since we went on a weekend we have to top-up additional 35 dollars weekend surcharge. For the money we shell out, it wasn’t bad a deal. You can check out their website for details of the exact prices of their watersports and other facilities here.
waiting for the welcome drinks...

kite boarding was a hit @ the resort...
the view from our room..not bad eh? :)

sunrise...i love

finally to ease the stress-tense muscles :) reasonably priced!!!

our room for the weekend

my margarita..his tequila the pool

breakfast array

one of the resort's two swimming pools

kayak practice session ;)

And by the way the karaoke room was free, you just buy some drinks and your good to go.

oh diba? divang diva ang dating wahahaha...

Excuse the picture laden post, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words :)  How about you, where did you head for a short get-away?

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