Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Trip to Singapore's First Eco-Mall plus Astons Express Lunch

We recently signed up for a banking promotion facilities with one of the local banks and with the approval they give you a Charles Jourdan pen. 

Looks expensive, twas suppose to be expensive...
Sadly it did not live up to it's idly sitting inside it's box :( sad.......
The pick-up location was at City Square Mall.  Since I have lie low on being a mall rat, I was not quite familiar where this Mall is.  I just use the streetdirectory to find out the location.  This is such a useful website for me, since it tells me the detailed direction if you opt to take the bus, train, taxi or drive going to your desired location.

The directory pointed us to alight at Farrer Park MRT station.  I was surprise that there is a Mall there.  As far as I can remember, when I use to frequent Mustafa (wonderful finds there and love the colorful displays at Little India, try my best to let you know more about it, in one of my post hopefully).  But before heading there, we went to have lunch at Astons Express.  I had honey glaze bbq chicken plus which comes with 2 side dishes of your choice.  I opt for onion rings and potato salad.  While hubs had Black pepper chiken with potato salad and brocolli and carrots.  

I sooo love their potato salad.  Generous serving plus easy on the pocket.  I LOVE...
Honey Glaze BBQ Chicken 

Black Pepper Chicken

Astons Express at Jurong East is located at Blk 134 St. 13 #01-309 Fu Chan Coffeeshop Stall 7.  If you happen to be in the area do try it :)  They do have other branches island wide.

With stomach full and satisfied we headed to City Square Mall.  I was quite surprise as I have mentioned that there is a Mall here and to top it, it claims to be Singapore's First Eco-Mall.  To me it looks like a normal Mall, but they do have quite prominent trash bins with a segration labels.

Let's bin it, with segration labels
After we collected our Charles Jourdan pen (which is a disappointment, but at least we get to see how an eco-mall looks like), comes the SOP of the day...Picture picture :)


located at the junction of Serangoon and Kitchener Roads
Singapore's First Eco-Mall

somehow mukhang nagblend ako sa background

picture din si hubs (we are both vain..whahahahaha peace bhe! :D )

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