Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Long Weekend - Cuteness Overload

My weekday starts today!  Well actually it officially started yesterday, but Tuesday I work from home so I still call it a week off albeit working. (Working in your night gown still feels like a holiday J)And since I did not have to go to work on Monday being Deepavali replacement holiday that fell on a Saturday, I had a long weekend I spent with the boys. 

It was pretty good.  We planned to have it lazy, but it turned out to be busy.  Busy in a good way.  I was able to plan the week’s menu, gone to the market and did the grocery.  We have attended the weekend service and participated as a family in the field ministry. 

We took the little munchkin to Orchard Road hoping to catch the glittery lights that they usually put up around this season.  The munchkin is now into anything glittery and shining lately.  Unfortunately, the lights are not up yet, so we spent the time just walking about and of course, me taking gazillion photos of the munchkin.

Cuteness Overload!!!

And yes, we also discovered that the munchkin has 2 emerging teeth.  The first time parents were so excited! J If only he would be still and cooperate for a minute I would have taken a photo of his new little teeth.

So along with cuteness overload, I had a some side dish of cheesiness too.  Posted these two captions in my FB page.  

Ahhh to be in love and cheesy J

Hope you all had a good long weekend too!  Here’s to a fruitful week everyone!

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Cherry said...

your little munchkin is soooo adorable! i miss having a baby at home. my boy is growing too fast!

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