Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Things I want to do.....

Original Title: Things I want to do before i die......
Edited to: Things I want to do.....

I edited the title, it sounds too morbid for me...Why think of dying when life has so much to offer :)

Watch the sunrise and sunset.
My favorite parts of the day…. Okay not at one sitting though. It would be very cold to sit throughout the night and wait for sunrise…, (That is if I watched the sunset first, then I would not have the energy to appreciate the sunrise).

Scuba Dive
Well in case you haven’t notice, humans are not supposed to breathe under water. But with the help of tanks, mask, flippers etc, etc…then I can go experience being Ariel for a moment. (Does the mythical mermaid really exist? Hmmm mythical nga eh…..)

Ride a rollercoaster.
And I mean the real rollercoaster, not the pang “piera” type. Butterflies in your stomach, feeling of weightlessness, the wind blowing your face… Ahhhh the feeling of freedom…. And puking afterwards? Yuck gross…but who knows I might like it, shuns the puking… :)

Take photos of family, friends and beautiful sceneries and just about everything.
Well, actually I have been doing these…but I want to up it to a more professionally level (naks naman!!)….I’m getting my DSLR soon, Yehey! …After that mamumulubi na ako…*sigh* :(..

Take a hot air balloon ride
What’s with me and the wind blowing my face…..Sigh maybe I just miss my “motorcycle” days”….But would it not be fun to go up, up, up in the sky? Care to join me?

Climb a Mountain.
A real mountain… Not a hill but a mountain. Well I’m not talking about Mt. Everest though…Feeling the cold breeze, the tiredness and the breathlessness at a great height…and knowing that you have actually conquered that Mountain is indescribable and the view is simply awesome. I am just imagining….Mountaineers out there, give me a call next time you plan to conquer your next mountain….But be gentle on me okay…but don’t worry I am a tough girl :)….
Climb every mountain, search high and low. Follow every byway, every path you know.
Climb every mountain, ford every stream
Follow every rainbow until you find your dream!!!
….la la la la…. The sound of music :)

Sleep under the stars….
Living in the city, makes me miss the starry, starry night. Wouldn’t it be grand to fall asleep watching the myriad of jewels above our head? There’s the big dipper, is that a planet? It looks like a necklace….Oh that’s Mars…. Haaay imagining mode again…….

Learn to speak a foreign language and actually use it….
Finally, I could crash this one out on my list soon….I’m taking my mandarin lessons few weeks from now. I hope that by the end of my lessons, I could carry out a decent conversation…(Ambisyosa, of course because I will…)

Visit China….
They say it’s polluted. They say a lot of negatives about the Chinese from China that is ;) but I am still intrigued with this oldest living civilization….Ahhh to walk the paths where China’s ancient warriors have thread…..

Castle Hopping somewhere in Europe….
I have a fascination of things European…Victorian era…Quench my thirst of this fascination of mine, become more “cultured” and it wouldn’t hurt if I meet prince charming in one of those castles…Oh well if no prince charming…a knight would do…. After all Guinevere chose Lancelot over Arthur ;-)…

Give my mother a dozen red roses and tell her I love her.
She knows I love her dearly….But I haven’t really given her flowers before. mmmm….Bad daughter…soon, soon Mommy…Love you so much from head to toe ;-)

Fly First Class….

Well can you expect to live a posh life in a working girl’s salary? With budget travel deals, I say BUDGET. More mileage, more places to see, more culture to immerse….But wouldn’t it be nice to be treated like royalty 30,000 feet above sea level?…..ahhhhh….
We will get there, we will…. **dreaming mode** again………..

I’ll update my list…once I can remember the other things I want to do...I know I have a million and one…hmmmmm till next update……….hopefully I can crash out some soon :)


Villa said...

ahh! fly first class, when will that happen to me ...

Anne said...

it will...the question is when? =) hopefully mine would be in this lifetime ;)

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