Thursday, November 27, 2014

Random Thoughts of A chaotic mind on a midweek...

With its galloping grace and elegant arched necks, fine silky mane and tails, horses are an epitome of elegance. (Methinks). A horse suggests refinement, power, beauty and grace; attributes I wish to emulate. 

But since becoming a mama, I am now more drawn to becoming a duck.  Yes from a horse to a duck! Lol! Have you seen a duck swimming in a pond? Calm and collected.  It seems to be swimming without any effort, but under the water it’s kicking its duck feet very hard.  So now, I try to be a duck, trying to look calm in the surface, but behind the scene I paddle like there’s no tomorrow.  I guess any mom can relate, you may be a working mom or a stay at home mom, being a mama is a serious business that requires hard work but it is indeed very intangibly rewarding.

So while I try to become that calm and collected duck like the one above.  I have a funny feeling I look like this ruffled duck below.  But this would change (I hope!). I will share with you some tips once I have mastered the calm and collected duck look ;)

PS:  Hey, I did warn you these are random thoughts of a chaotic mind ;)  Have a good week ahead everyone! J

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