Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Of liberty equality and freedom

Judging by the title of the post, it seems like I’m talking about real hard-core stuff, politics, the economy, global crisis and freedom. Well, I do read about politics (after all the economy depends on politics and my bucks’ value depends on it as well). I keep abreast with it for entertain and do get irritated with it (talk about Philippine politics), but it’s just not my genre.

So anyways, what do I mean by liberty, equality and freedom. For the typical Filipino, I’m sure you have somewhere, somehow come across or have read of Gabriela Silang and if we venture to the international scene of history, we have Joan of Arc. Oh yes, women’s clamor for liberty, equality and freedom. Women’s liberation, google it and you’ll get a million and one links telling you what is should be or what is should not be. There has been plenty of talk about it, and many people know and do agree with its ideas. But there are a lot of distorted impressions of what it’s all about. One of which is that all women should hate men. Omigosh!!!…. If that is the case, I definitely am against Women’s Lib ;). So what is it really? For the purpose of simplification, let’s delve into three different scenarios that merit a typical woman’s attention or a typical man for that matter.

First Scenario – Ladies, do you care if man open doors for you?
Women wanted emancipation. Liberty, the right of an individual to do his or her own will. Ladies, you want liberty, so do everything men do, open your own doors. Well, ok fine! But I adore chivalry. I don’t mind opening my own doors, but I have high regards for men who treat me like a lady. Every woman I know, from teenagers to retirees – adores a guy who goes the extra mile and exemplifies himself in the little things.

But an excerpt from Chicago Sun-Times says: “Generally, men should open the door for women because men have superior upper body strength. But when a door needs to be kicked down, women should open the door because of their superior lower body strength.” ;-) Oh well…………

Second Scenario - Girls who make the first move……….
It’s the age of equality between sexes. So if the girls want to make the first move, why shouldn’t she? Technically, I’d say go, go, go. But stop! Is the guy married? Or is he in a committed relationship? You would not want to end up as a mistress or a “mang-aagaw”, do you?

Given that the ethical issues of the matter is all ironed out, how you make the first move is all up to you. Whether you do it obtusely, or anything that borders slutty. Or you can do it smoothly and with taste. It’s all your call.

My opinion – do it with subtlety and class. How? You ask me? That would be another entry in my blog ;). But never -- never price yourself cheaply.

That’s my take, what’s yours?

Third Scenario – “Are you working? -- No I am “just” a housewife.”
It irks me to hear women say this. You have a life and a series of choices that you can make; you have the freedom to make them. And if you chose to be a full time home maker, rather than juggle a career and family (this are super women and my kudos to you), it’s perfectly fine. It’s your choice. And you are never “just” a housewife. Think of these -- They get out of bed before anyone else to get breakfast going for husband and children. Get/take the children to school. See husband off to work. Wash dishes, clean, do laundry, iron, shop, cook, mend... oh and hundreds of other things. If men were asked by their bosses to do half the things “housewives” do every day, they would either ask for a raise or quit!

Having gone through all the different scenarios, so what are liberty, equality and freedom for women? Hmmm I don’t know. But one thing is certain, I completely agree with what the Bible book of Genesis Chapter 2 verse 18 says ‘It is not good for the man to continue by himself. I am going to make a helper for him, as a complement of him.’

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