Friday, December 11, 2009

Counting the days.....

I’m counting the days till February arrives! Well I know it still a "year" away, but anyways it's still a "Yehey!" for me. I get to go home for a holiday. Actually I don’t have the return tickets pa, but who cares as long as I have the ticket going home.

Last weekend was spent rather well. I get to finish ALL my laundry on Saturday! And I get to bathe in the rain. I was practically running around my block and enjoying the rain. Cool.... well expect for the stares I was getting from the passersby who are in full rain-protection gear, I had a blast! I haven’t bathe in the rain for a very long time already and it was great though it would have been doubly fun if I did it with Reeze. I miss that little girl and she seems to be growing up so fast.

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Sunday was spent in field service and return visits in the afternoon with Mary. We went to one return visit and we stayed/stand in the door for almost an hour. Funny thing is I barely if ever hardly understand what they were talking about. They were talking in mandarin. Hahaha I just pick up a word or two but no context whatsoever. Oh well I really need to continue with that Chinese lesson talaga.

I really need to cultivate this fruitage of the spirit "LOVE" more. Some irritations here and there are not really necessary. I should look at the positive qualities of people. And so far naman they have good qualities....But I just find it annoying sometimes.....Please God help me! :)

Anyways, I have to make a budget to do my shopping. I think I will alot budget for my balikbayan box (wow OFW na OFW ang dating). I don't want to carry many barang barang kasi, especially that we will have to make a 2 day stopover sa Manila. So my mom's pasalubong will all be in the box nalang. Another $$$$ budgeted for my shopping. (Ay dapat $ not so many dollars to spare there!) My shopping will include shoes for reeze and things for myself. (Love thyself daw eh)

But I think the denim jeans I can buy in PI already. See whether all these year end sales won't tempt me. Plus I need to buy the black espirit bag. I don’t think I will buy the aviator shades…maybe next time as I don’t need it pa. My Gucci shades is quite enuf. So I have to make a list and then buy it. The pasalubong for manang..hmmm I still don’t know what to get her. As for Daisy and Manong I will give them cash nalang for their shopping sa Manila. I sms them, and here's our exchange....

ranne: I'm wrapping my presents soon, what do you want to be wrapped.
M&D : We want you to be home, that's enuf already.

Owwwwssss ang sweet. Trust my manong, salesman na salesman ang dating! And I'm buying it naman....hayzzzzz....

I really don't need to buy so many stuffs. I can do with a few pieces only :) And I am loving it :D hehehehe…sour graping

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