Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The ultimate competition

I was suppose to make an entry in my blog last night, (I will really try to be more religious in my updates)but I was busy.....Busy with what? Ahhhhh ok, I was cleaning my room. It's funny how I always try to clean my room but it seems never clean enough for me. Oh well............And I did laundry din pala. Wow I'm so good at Multi-tasking. Hehehe and yes I was playing biotronic in FB.
I was trying to outscore my friends thats why I didn't notice that my laundry was over already and I forgot to put some softener. Ha! The boon and bane of technology.

Since its just two weeks short to 2010, I have been thinking lately on how I can better improve myself. I always wanted to be the best, but sadly, it is so hard to measure and quantify what best is. So I made this resolution/declaration instead.

I, RANNE, of legal age, declare that I will be the best that I can be.I don't demand perfection because nobody is perfect, but I will strive to be a better person, the best that I can be. It may not be good enough for you, it may not be good enough for him, it may not be good enough for anybody, but it would be more than good enough for me because it would be the best that I can give. Competing with oneself is the ulitmate competition one can engage in.

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