Tuesday, June 16, 2009

25 Things You Don't Know About Me (and Probably Dont care about =))

Ahhhh, I've been tagged....And since I'm suffering from blogger's block, probably I've have been watching too much news...and the news is so depressing...I don't know whether I am a late bloomer under going quarter life crisis or for all I know I'm experiencing midlife crisis already. Oh well...

While clearing the BB away (Blogger's Block) then I'm letting the world know random things about me....So here goes...

1.) I love to drive (motorcycle) in the rain, the cold wind and the raindrops gives me a certain kind of high that I burst into uncontrollable giggles (haay miss my motorcycle days)

2.) I’d exchange a box of chocolates for tempura sa boulevard with its matching “sawsawan” and ice cold coke anytime

3.) I think pink roses and white daisies are the sweetest and friendliest flowers.

4.) My sister and I call each other “ngets” as endearment. Ngets short for pangets. (For those who don’t understand tagalong it means ugly.) =)

5.) Lately, I can’t sleep without the symphony orchestra playing in the background. That’s why before I sleep I set my player to the local station 92.4 to let classical orchestra music lull me to dreamland.

6.) I use to spell the Ann in my name with an ‘e’. 5 years ago I dropped the ‘e’ (for ease of document processing – long story). Anyways, other than filing documents, I still write as Anne.

7.) Every time I go home, I make it a point to look up the sky at night and appreciate the stars and say hi to Mr. Moon. There aren’t many stars here, too much city lights. =(

8.) I have high tolerance level of pain. Two of my wisdom teeth were extracted and it was no big deal for me, but show me blood and my knees turn jell-o.

9.) I have a tendency to spoil my niece. Hope she does not get to read this or she’ll use this against me. Well she’s too young to read anyways.

10.) I wanted to take up BS Economics, then probably study law or pursue a PhD in economics (ambisyosa!) and be an economist (well obviously). But studying outside Dumaguete was not an option then for my mom then, so without any definite degree in mind, I ended up enrolling in the college with one of the longest queue. CBA (Business Computer App was under CBA and it was the “in course” then)

11.) One of the first things I learned living away from home is not wearing well-ironed clothes. Eventually, I graduated to wearing crumpled clothes. Now, I’m trying to learn how to iron well.

12.) I have a collection of Disney cartoons and Pixar animation VCDs. We had fun swapping our collection and narrating scenes from those movies with my 4-year-old next door neighbor in Cebu.

13.) I have been a flower girl once and a bridesmaid once. (Seldom have the chance the attend friends’ weddings, time constraints) So does this mean I will be a bride once? =)

14.) I love coffee. I want my coffee hot with cream. I take 5 cups a day (before). But I have narrowed it down to 1 cuppa day (such an achievement) but on very rare occasions I can still go up to 3.

15.) If you ask me to go on holiday, I am a mountain view, sea view, city view type of person. In that order.

16.) I rather collect memories than things. My family thinks otherwise. They say I am like a house mouse, collects to many basura, abobots and barang barang.

17.) I want my ice cream served in a cone. Rocky road please, with lots of mallows and peanuts.

18.) Sunrise, sunset and the moon gets me into a contemplative mood.

19.) My family is my comfort zone. Could be the reason why I chose to live far from away from home, I become too passive and dependent at home.

20.) Green tea and beer are acquired taste for me. The more you drink, the more it taste bitter, oops better I mean ;-)

21.) I love to travel. Its learning spelled as FUN. If money and time constraints are not a question, I would travel every month.

22.) I don’t mind doing things solo. I dine out alone, watch movies alone, go swimming alone. Next in my list is travel solo. (Travelling back to PI not included.)

23.) I am compulsive list maker. I have to do list, grocery list, goals list, places I want to see list, and things I want to do list…it can go on and on. I just feel more accomplished every time I see my list and see items have strikethrough.

24.) I heard so many rave reviews of the Godfather that I decided to watch all three in one sitting one lazy Saturday. I have picked up a few insights from the Corleone family saga. It has become one of my favorite movies.

25.) Sometimes I feel I’m bogged down with too much technology. But I cannot imagine a life without a pc/notebook, the internet and the hand phone.

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