Tuesday, November 12, 2013


While I am from the Central Visayas, I am fortunate that though we felt the wrath of Yolanda, but we have been spared from her lashes. 

When I received news from home that they are all safe after Yolanda has passed by, I was relieved.  But when news, photos, videos start coming in Saturday afternoon of the devastation that Yolanda has brought to the affected areas…I was shocked.  The devastation is beyond words.

For Singapore based friends, if you would like to participate in the relief efforts; the Philippine embassy has disseminated the channels through which monetary donations could be immediately sent by Filipinos and friends in Singapore. 

Click on image above for details.

And to those who are packing relief goods, a copied post from a friend’s FB wall gives the following suggestion of items to pack.

To everyone who is actively participating in packing relief goods to be sent in Tacloban City/Leyte, please note of the following:

1.) DO NOT PACK NOODLES OR ANYTHING THAT NEEDS WATER. There is no water and electricity so it is impossible to consume this kind of food....

2.) PACK MEDICINES - most especially basic medicines (biogesic, bioflu, robitussin etc). Also if possible, include medicine for surface wounds as many have been wounded because of the debris and fallen rooftops.

3.) PACK AT LEAST ONE BOTTLE OF WATER. People are raging for water (some have even become violent just for water). There is no source of water at all at any part of Tacloban.

4.) PACK CANDLES AND MATCHES - there's no electricity for a minimum of two months so all people will need these.

5.) ENCOURAGE YOUR RESPECTIVE GROUP/ORGANIZATION TO DONATE BODYBAGS. Bodies are lying around the roads within the city and some of the places have already been filled up with bodies.

Why are there so many natural disasters?  Click on the link below to find out what the Bible says about these and the practical steps on how to cope when faced in this situation.   It also tells of a comforting message of hope when soon you can finally say “No more disasters!”

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