Thursday, April 11, 2013

Singapore Memory Project


I have always kept a daily Journal in my laptop and even at work I have a copy of that.  When I become giddy and excited of something and I just can’t tell anyone about it yet, I write it in my journal.  If I want to vent out my frustration, again I write it in my journal.  Writing has a therapeutic effect on me.  Back in 2008 I started writing my thoughts online.  I first started out with Yahoo 360 (if my memory serves me right).  And then I discovered blogger.  I wrote a few entries here and there.  Sadly, my blog was only updated when inspiration hits me. 

I blog mainly for fun... I blog to express myself…I blog because as a frustrated writer, I want to pick up on my writing skills… So there, the reasons I blogged…
But one day, I received a comment in my blog.  I was very happy.  Imagine someone is actually paying attention to what I have to say. I don’t have a brag worthy readership and the comments left in my blog can only be counted with my fingers. Perhaps my only devoted follower is my husband.  So I guess another reason why I blog -- I get happy when someone actually times time to read what I have to say.  It's just like when you talk and someone listens, you get happy right.  Same with blogging I guess, you write, someone reads is equal  too a happy blogger.
So I am quite honored, when I received another comment in one of my entries, an invitation by National Library Board of Singapore to pledge some entries of my blogs to the Singapore Memory project as part of their efforts to collect memories that are already manifested in existing online channel.  How cool can that be?  J

I have already filled out the online form stating my interest to pledge my blog.  They say they will get back to me in email.  Probably in two months’ time, my pledged entries will probably appear in Singapore Memory portal’s blog webpage.  Well I guess all the more reason why I should take my blog seriously.
All the best to me!
How about you, any milestones in your blogging career? hahaha I like the sound of it. Blogging career…

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