Friday, April 12, 2013

Foodie Friday: Ikea Meatballs

Ikea is a Dutch company of Swedish origin.  They are known to design and sell ready to assemble furniture (beds, desks, cabinets, chairs) and home accessories.  I love IKEA.   I usually visit their store in Alexandra road when I used to live in Outram Park just to pass time.  I could spend hours at IKEA and just pass time just imagining how all those cute home accessories and easy to assemble but very functional furniture would fit in my dream home.  And I know those who have visited any IKEA store would agree with me.
Aside from the furnitures, IKEA has been known for their Swedish dishes around the world, especially the Swedish meatballs.  I have heard great reviews and much praises given to it.  So one fine day, hubby and I trooped to IKEA Singapore Alexandra Store. 

This time we visited IKEA not for the home accessories, but for one thing only - IKEA meatballs…  And boy it did not disappoint.  Well it was a pretty standard meatball, but for me what added oomph were the sauce and the lingonberry jam.  I feel the lingonberry jam is a must have add-on, without it would not taste very Swedish at allJ.

And since the nearest IKEA store from where I live is still very far, I have turned to google to find the IKEA meatball recipe.  So might as well prepare my own in batches.

 And yes I did find the recipe which I am sharing with you.  Unfortunately I haven’t tried it yet.  But will be trying very soon.  But since lingonberry jam is my must have add-on, I guess I still have to visit my nearest IKEA store.


Maybe for those who are living in countries where there is still no IKEA store, strawberry jam would be a good substitute.  What do you think?  I will let you know once I tried it.  Promise!


Julia Butac said...

I love Ikea meatballs too. Every time me and my friend visit ikea store here in Rome, its a must to buy a 1 kg meatball and prepare it at home. Unfortunately there are issues regarding meatballs from Ikea.....that the food authority found out that they are mixing it with the horse meet, which should not be bad. But the thing is that the horse that they kill or butchered are those horses that finishes their courses meaning those old ones that can't run in horse riding. Those horses where injected a lot of drugs(to make them active), well in fact is to good for human consumption. Since then I didn't buy anymore. Anyway three months past. Looking forward to have those meatballs in my plate again.

Sorry Rose Ann!!!

Julia Butac said...

*not good

ranne said...

hi Julia, kumusta? :) yep have heard of that, thus the inspiration for this post. Anyways, they have said that all the meatballs in Singapore are made from beef and pork only. Halal ones are chicken.

They have it temporarily removed from shelf but its back now, few weeks back, they sold it for 1 dollar each to celebrate its being back in shelf. Well at least we have the recipe, we can try one at home para sure tayo of how its made :)

Hope you would be enjoying your meatballs soon :)

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