Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Plan a girlfriend getaway

I consider myself blessed. I have the best husband in the entire known universe.  He is handsome (of course I married him *wink *wink *wink), he adores me and the little one; he changes my son’s nappies.  He even washes my dirty laundry and tries his best to whip up a well…uhmmm edible dinner.
But no matter how ideal a husband he is, he will never be a girlfriend.  No matter how hard he tries to understand what PMS is, you will always see trace of wrinkled forehead.  And no matter how patient he is as a shopping companion, he can never share my joys of finally finding the perfect black pants.
The truth is: Girlfriends need girlfriends.
When we get together with our girlfriends we love the most, the girlfriends who became a shoulder to lean on during our first heartache, the girlfriends who taught us to laugh our hearts out and the girlfriends who spent hours with us analyzing why he did not call or text, we become energized and empowered.
But our busy lives have taken a toll on us.  Between hectic work schedules and other commitments, we seldom get together with our girlfriends. Now that researchers have linked good health with good friends what better way to take care of ourselves than take off with our girlfriends.  The solution “Girlfriend Getaway”!
girlfriend getaway to Bintan Indonesia with Joy
A Girlfriend's Getaway Weekend is based on the idea that women need time to reconnect with themselves and escape the daily grind of work, family, and city stress.  It is a short vacation where husbands, boyfriends, children, and the like are not included.
So here are some of the preparations I have come up with for usto get the most out of our next girlfriend getaway:
1.       Tell yourself you deserve it. Now repeat after me, “I am worth it!”  Then list all the good benefits you will get from the getaway
a.      Naps that will restore my energy
b.      Relaxing massage that will ease my tense muscles
c.       Laugh a lot that will restore my zest
d.      Strengthened friendship
e.      And most especially at the end of the trip, a rejuvenated and happy wife, mother and employee.  Do I need to list the benefits of a keeping mommy happy?

2.       Decide the date ahead of time.  When we are young, free and single, we can take the next flight to Bangkok, or catch the last coach ride to KL, but with new responsibilities and mommy duties, gone are those days of carefree jet setting.  We have to plan ahead of time when we are going to frolic in the sun with the girls.

3.       Sum up a budget.  Diapers, milk formula, baby food, etc…with this added items in our grocery list, we really have to work up a budget and stick with it so that we do not feel guilty spending our hard earned money sans the hubby and the baby.  Be upfront of how much you each can spend and pick up the amount that works for all of you.

4.       Prep your family.  You won’t have fun if you are worried with the stuff at home.  And you would be a “pain-in-the-neck” companion if all you do is worry about home.  So do the core chores ahead of time.  Go and fill the pantry with groceries.  Better yet, make a couple of freezer meals that hubby can easily pop into the microwave while you are away.  Post need to know info in “a cannot” miss spot like the fridge door.  Include important phone numbers like your doctor, the kids’ school and the hotel you are staying (but let hubby know that he must only call if it is an emergency).

5.       Now go and have fun!   

How about you mommies and all you ladies out there, when is your next girlfriend getaway?  Mine would be no date yet. But I have discussed this with the hubby and he is agreeable with the idea of a girlfriend getaway after enumerating to him the benefits.  But I’m holding mine till LO would be over a year.   
 Yup still a long way off… But in the meantime, allow me to reminisce and relive the relaxing and rejuvenating girlfriend getaway I have had with one of my girlfriends at Bintan Angsana Resort with these pictures.
waiting for the ferry @ Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. 
Making last minute arrangements...
Angsana Resort

our room for the weekend

frolic in the sun and sand

glorious sunrise

A getaway would not ge complete without the food trip!!!

a picture perfect pose here....

And of course the....shopping!!!

homeward bound.....rejuvenated and refreshed

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