Friday, October 19, 2012

Nesting Already? :)

I think my nesting period is starting to kick in quite early.  I have suddenly felt the urge to be organized.  The site of clutter gives me headache…No wonder I am having headaches more frequently now ;)

Pregnancy experts say the cause of the nesting instinct is both physical and emotional. A woman’s hormones during pregnancy are responsible for the most of the nesting instinct, and residual survival instinct is responsible for the rest. The nesting instinct can be observed in all pregnant mammals as they prepare for birth.  Well I'm mammal after all.  :D
Now I have three projects in mind. I want to rearrange our room, get ready the baby’s room and buy me a Moses basket.  Yah, yah I know the Moses basket is way too early.  But I stumbled upon Frances Sales blog and saw her cute baby boy snuggled inside his Moses basket.  Just adorable...  So I think if I buy me a Moses basket, baby beanie (aka Jasmon) would look equally adorable too. Ha ha ha… 

Here are some inspirations I have for our bedroom:
I want it clean and simple, criteria should have a nightlamp at the side for my late night readings.

                                                       I like the lamps and the paintings above

                                                 Again clean and crisp with the night lamps J

 Ideas for baby room and my Moses Basket ;)  Dream dream dream…I’m always dreaming…
                                                          Loving the Japanese latterns

                                        Space maximized is really appreciated in cramp Singapore ;)

                       I don’t like the predominant brown color though.  But I like its compactness.

Jasmon, whether you are girl or boy, you will look simply adorable snuggled inside one of these baskets J LOVE

 We will start the cleaning this weekend!  Of course I’m on boarding hubby with my nesting J

Ahhh happiness is a loving husband!
How about you any interesting nesting experiences you would like to share?  I would love to hear about it :).



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