Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hard Rock Hotel @ Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

The plan was to go on a three day holiday here

and just simply laze the days away as we savor the moment that we have finally reached 1 year of togetherness....But due to unforeseen but very welcome circumstances, we opted to cancel the travel plan.  But an important milestone cannot  be just  celebrated at home, so Hubby and I decided to have a staycation.  We are staycations fanatics, as you can see from here and here.  And this time round, we booked a one night stay at Hard Rock Hotel Resorts World Sentosa.

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore received the Gold Award for: Best 5 in Asia in the Category of HAPA Signature Deluxe Hotel. The hotel's tag line is "Rock and roll attitude meets five-star service"  True to its word it's rock and roll attitude all right with pictures of rock and roll stars and other pop stars decorating the place.

I was kind of weirded out though by the pictures hanged above the bed, I felt like someone was watching us while we were sleeping.  Ha ha ha, just making it obvious that I am not a rock and roll fan.  However, i love the sitting nook by the window.  It was cozy and comfy and the view from our window was the pool.  Love it!

our headboard have pictures of the beatles and others I don't actually recognize..hehehe

pool view from our room
Consistent with the rock and roll theme, even the bathroom toiletries are charmingly placed inside a small box designed to resemble a guitar. I find it cool despite me being void of rock and roll vibes in my body :)

The overall stay was A-OK.  Probably I was not very impress kasi nga, I'm not a rock and roll fan.  But the pool was another story.  I am inlove with it.  It is huge, with a pool bar!  One side of it was made to make it appear like a beach, they filled it with white sand with few coconut trees dotting the sides of the pool.  It was like you are transported to some island get-away. 

getting ready for an early morning swim

hubby contemplating by the pool ;) 
Yes, despite cancelling the Phuket trip, we celebrated our anniversary in style.  Hard Rock Hotel baby!  But the best part of it was that we did not spend a single dime for our stay (sans our dinner and breakfast of course (since the price was not inclusive of a buffet breakfast, that is my best part pa naman of staying in a hotel ...sadness). 
As an advocate of the good life for less, I scoured the hotel deals at Agoda.com, and fortunately was able to get a discounted rate of 50% off.  Cool!  And then, I offsetted the remaining balance from my company benefit of a healthy lifestyle.  Total price = $0 sgd.  How cool is that?  Healthy lifestyle indeed!
The best things in life do come by for free... and what makes it priceless?  That I was spending it with the love of my life.  Ahhhh bliss.   And now thats what I call a good life.
How about you,  what are some tips  you can share to live a good life for less?  This frugal wifey and momma to be would love to know.


yaddict said...

Hi! Hope you still remember me. :P I'm tracing all my readers in GT kase I just want you guys to know na The Werewolf Prince and I is available in Amazon and it's Top 40 in Erotica hahaha. Yeah it changed that much.

Also, I wished I had been able to write to you all while it was free. But dibale there are 2 more days that my publisher reserved for TWPaI to be free. Maybe you can download it during its free days if you can't buy it now.

Anyway just thought of sharing it kase my writing wouldn't have been what it is if not for GT girls!

Maeve Tee said...

Oh it's Maeve Tee pala.

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