Monday, November 3, 2014

How do you catch time?

time flies, time zooms...the only way I know how to stop it - take a picture of it

I guess I can now relate to the irony of this statement.  “The days are long but the years are short.”  It seems like only last week when we first set foot in this country, but now it’s November, in a month or so, the year will be over.  Whew! Time flies indeed.

We get caught up with the daily to-dos and the list never gets cleared, it keeps getting longer. The time and things just pass by in a blur, and then we wake up a year older.  Now that I’m a mama, I’m becoming more emotional.  I want to capture every moment and experiences I have with my little family.  I want to snap photos of my toddler who is beginning to have his feisty personality shine.  And when I capture an adorable antic of his, I become that proud mama, ready to share to the whole world how amazing my little boy is.  And at times, I just want to keep it to myself and freeze that special moment I share with my toddler. 

There is no stopping time.   It flies whether you are having fun or not.  The choice is yours.  And I want to consciously take an effort to make the right choice.  Time well spent, a life well-lived.  It's never easy amidst the busyness of life, but it's never an impossible feat.  

How about you, how do you catch time?

Snapshots from my weekend with my family.
went for a crochet tutorial session after Saturday field ministry and I made my first granny square, yay!!!
hopefully beanies and scarves for the little one soon ;)
caught the little one rummaging through my bag, he found an apple :)
barefoot at the park after the meet....
lovers at Cornwall Park ;) 

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