Monday, June 17, 2013

The Great Singapore Sale – How motherhood changed me

Hear ye hear ye, shopaholics from the region and beyond.  It’s that time of the year again!  Oh yes I’m talking about the Great Singapore Sale!  It’s on from May 31st till July 28.

With prices slashed up to 70% off its original prices at main shopping belts (READ Orchard Road!) and suburban shopping mall island wide, its eight weeks of fabulous shopping and indulgence of delectable offers!
But alas! Or should I say fortunately, motherhood has changed me.
This would have been how my loot would look like pre motherhood

Now, with new things added to our grocery list, I think twice before I do the splurge purchase. Oh I still love beautiful things, who doesn’t?  But I just simply visit the malls and find inspiration.  List it in my wish list, and say someday, someday.   :) 
But I few days ago while I was out malling with the hubby and LO at ION orchard, we happen to pass by H&M kidz, and I just couldn’t resist!
Here’s the loot:

H&M kidz for the little one :)
 Indeed motherhood has changed me, and I’m quite happy with the change ;)
For shopaholics across the region and beyond, refer to this site for more information.

Happy Shopping



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