Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What happens to couple time

Lately, most of our activities revolve around this little one.  Feeding, cleaning the poop, dressing him up, trying to get him to sleep and the list goes on and on…

source of our stress, but source of our greatest joy as well
 So what happens to “couple time”?  I am a firm advocate of that.  I honestly believe how essential alone time together is.  Amidst our busy lives, we become disconnected, stressed and even lonely when we do not make this a priority.
But given our situation where we live in a fast-paced city with no help, alone time together is a luxury we could not afford (as of now only I hope).  But that doesn’t stop us to plan and thankfully execute date nights.  Even dinner out or a stroll in the park, we count that as date night.  We are shallow like that ;)
After months, hubby and I have finally resumed our date night Fridays J Yay!!! But what makes it more fun, is that we have a little guy that tags along.
Two Friday’s ago at Pizza Hut Bukit Panjang Plaza, enjoying a cheesy trio pizza while the little guy looks on

Pizza Hut's yummy cheesy trio...try it!!!
                                              What was left of our date night dinner last Friday
                           Too busy to take the before picture while it was still whole and intact.
                      We had the chili crab at this Halal Restaurant at the Park near our place. 
Rasa Istimewa C2K Restaurant - The Makan Place @ CCK Park
And of course the tag-along who is the star of the show.  Fist clenched, as if saying to dad and mom, I want a taste of that crabby too!
he completes our threesome Fridays! :)
Couple time may have to take a backseat for now because we need to tweak the date night a teeny weeny bit.  I guess that’s what urban parenting is all about. Hahaha!  But then again I don’t mind having the tag-along, tag along with us.  Happy hubby + happy mommy = happy baby. 

How about you mommies, how do you get to spend couple time?


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