Friday, February 13, 2015

Keep Calm, because you are the best mom ever

And so who's the better mommy?
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Breast feeding vs. bottle feeding, stay-at-home-moms vs. working moms, co-sleeping vs. sleep training, front-facing vs. rear-facing car seats, strollers vs. baby carriers, etc. etc. etc. and thus coined the term "mommy wars".

How often do we feel inadequate as a mom when someone gives a “well-meaning” but thoughtless remark on our parenting skill? But really, regardless of the differences in our parenting techniques or the decision to work outside the home vs staying at home, we all know one thing,every mom makes the best choice for her family given their circumstances. This is to say that we are all keenly aware that no one has the "perfect" setup. No mother is absolutely certain she is doing the right thing all the time.

And so, if we are yet fed again, be it in the media or well-meaning friends of another story of working mothers vs stay-at-home mothers, breast-fed or bottle-fed, self-soothing or attachment parenting (the list goes on and on) and who is doing it better, even the most self-assured mother can feel a little fragile at times.

But quite frankly, we did not make those decision overnight. We pondered over it, spent sleepless nights and perhaps shed buckets of tears to come up with a plan that would work well for the entire family and giving the bubba the best care we can possibly give.

So, instead of “criticizing” those who choose what we don’t want to choose, or can’t choose to do, let's resist the urge to criticize and give "advise".  Let's have empathy, share our stories, learn from each other without imposing, support each other as women and as parents.  

Moms these days deal with super high standards that who knows who has set (our selves probably?), and because of that innate desire to become that "perfect" mom, be feel the pressure and sometimes lash our frustration on others.  Well, let's just stop!

Because really, there is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one.

This funny (but semi-true) video created by formula brand Similac has grown viral showing how ridiculous mommy wars can get. So sharing this video to every parent I know...So here you go:

PS:  The toughest mommy war I am dealing actually is with myself.  But then again, that's an entirely different story :)  Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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