Friday, October 21, 2011

Humbled and Honored...

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Of late, I have been busy. Yes busy, “googling” (if there is such a word) on how to live a luxurious life for less. Ha! Dreaming…. But while I was hopping from one blog to another, I stumbled upon the blog of my high school classmate. Less than 2 decades out of high school can really bring people to places.

She is working as a humanitarian. I don’t know what humanitarians actually do in detail, but one thing for sure, I know they are strong people living their passion and that they have really big big big hearts to forego the comforts of life to make a difference in the world.

Reading at her different posts, took me to a journey of the highs and lows of living in an African continent. Though it is laden with misery and hardships; still you cannot ignore the beauty and charm of the place and the people.

I know looking at suffering straight in the eye can leave some jaded, and a looming question of “Why?” A very simple question asked with much anguish and pain directed to our Maker.

While I applaud my magnanimous school mate of long ago, I hope she will find solace in the message and comforting article I have shared with her. The answer to the “why” gives me comfort, gives me hope, that even if day after day, I am living with much triviality I know something wonderful and far more grander than any noble act can bring.

Let me share with you the message I left her:

“While I’m here freezing in my cramp cubicle complaining on how I should be out on a tropical holiday, I have much comforts to enjoy within my reach. Lately my primary concern is just to Google on how to live a luxurious life for less, be an amazing wife and juggle a not so fab career and living the good life….

After reading your experiences, I am humbled by your magnanimity as compared to my triviality; and I am honored that I have actually gone to the same school with you. You may not be a superwoman but you are definitely a strong woman with the biggest of heart. Foregoing comforts and helping out and making a difference in this world. I applaud you Ms. Reiza Dejito. But somehow, I am bothered at how looking at poverty and suffering straight in the eye, has somehow affected your relationship with our Maker.

I definitely cannot walk in the shoes you are in right know, it’s too big and too overwhelming for me, but let me share you this link; an article giving light and reassuring answer to one of life’s perplexing question and if left unanswered in the face of suffering and misery, could erode our faith in our Creator.

Hope you find time to read….”

To Ms. Reiza Dejito, kudos to you….And if you guys would like to learn of her adventures and what a humanitarian actually does, join me as we follow her in her wandering.

Hi Reiz, I hope you don’t mind I linked your adventures here ;)


Reiza said...

Hi Anne, can you believe I've just read this? No, I don't mind sharing my story at all, and I'm quite "humbled and honored" to be featured in your blog. And I'd like to say thank you for that message and link you sent. It provided the enlightenment, reassurance, strength, and faith that I thought I'd lost. I can't thank you more. :)

ranne said...

:) thanks for dropping by too...wonderful stories, filled with emotions...and oh the love story that's unfolding *wink, *wink... keep writing i'm a fan :)

and oh take care traveller...

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