Friday, September 7, 2012


My mind is a mess.  I cannot concentrate on one job.  I super multi-task to the point of being unproductive.  I need to put order in my chaotic life.  A few months ago I was talking about how frenzied I live my life but appearing to be calm on the surface.  Just like a duck.  But now, I think I cannot do that.  The disorder inside is showing to reveal outside.  I need to be calm and collected again.  I have to have a proper priority list.  I need to have proper scheduling.  I need to simplify and be organized.  Yes for my sanity and productivity sake.
As I am juggling multiple roles and taking on additional ones, I now need to be a more organized person.  There are so many things I want to achieve.  So many things I want to excel.  But the so many things around me just consume my time.  I am writing this in my blog, not to exude negative vibes, but to begin a journey, a journey to excellence.  Excellence as how I define it.  The goal is not to be perfect or a superwoman but to be completely calm and not frenzied.
Where do I start?  I have no idea.  Where will I begin? I do not have the answers.  I have been “googling” and blog hopping, hoping to get ideas, but the more my mind gets cluttered.
Any tips for me?

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