Monday, September 17, 2012

Appreciating the gift of marriage...

1 year! Yes we celebrated our one year anniversary last September 10, 2012.  The plan was to go on a holiday to Phuket Thailand, but because of circumstances that I would share to you soon, we opted to cancel the trip and instead booked for a staycation in one of the resort hotels here in Singapore.  We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel at Resorts World Sentosa.  I will let you know the details of how we celebrated our anniversary on another post.  This post is purely an appreciation for God’s gift of marriage.
I often hear clamors of married people of their regrets on marriage.  And sometimes hearing it from Christian friends makes me sad.  Not sad about the institution of marriage, but saddened about how they view marriage.  Yes marriage brings about challenges.  And it’s definitely not a bed of roses.  But having said that, I still believe that it is a very beautiful gift we received from our creator.  If only we appreciate the gift and take care of it then we can truly see it for it’s worth.
What blessings spouses enjoy when they truly love each other and never let pride, the childish silent treatment, or other unchristian traits mar their marriage!  I am no marriage expert and I don’t have a long record of married years under my belt, but there are two things I truly believe that every married couple should consider to make their marriage truly a blessing. ..
Love and respect... So work hard to make your marriage mate feel secure. By your loving words and respectful actions, look for ways to reassure your hubby or ‘wifey’ that to you, he or she is the most important person on earth. To the extent that it depends on you, do not let anyone or anything come between you and your mate.
During our wedding, the elder (as what we call pastors in our church) read us a bible verse at Genesis 2:24 “A man will leave his father and his mother and he must stick to his wife.”  What does that mean? Former ties to friends and relatives have to be adjusted. Each mate must first give the other his or her time and attention. Friends and relatives can no longer take priority at the expense of the new family; nor should the couple allow parents to interfere in family decisions or disagreements. The couple must now stick to each other. That is God’s direction. 
I may sound very biblical in this post, but after all the originator of marriage is God himself and it is wise indeed for us to heed his guidelines.
How about you, what is your view regarding marriage?  How do you appreciate the gift of marriage?

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