Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Conversation with hubby this morning:  (actual conversation was in our dialect)
Me:  I won’t put on make-up bhe, it would take a longer time and we are running late. You might be late for your appointment.
Hubby:  No, it’s ok; we still have time for you to put on your make up.
I did my make up while hubby was waiting.
Me: Bhe, why do you want me to put on my make-up? You want me to look pretty always?
Hubby:  With or without make-up, you will always be beautiful to me.  But I don’t mind waiting for a few minutes because I know you feel much better if you have time to unhurriedly prettify yourselfJ.
Aaaaawwww the sweetest, he knows I’ve been feeling like crap lately because I have put on the pounds L  I need to exercise and go on a diet………………..All the Best!!!

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Dea said...

Aaaaw, this is so sweet! My husband waits for me to finish putting on makeup whenever we go out, but I swear he does it with an impatient face, haha! You're lucky!

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