Thursday, October 3, 2013

How to consciously live life to the fullest?

Last Tuesday, 1st October, I was about to post in my Facebook status “Zombie mode – wake me up when mid-November comes”.  But I pulled back.  My life mantra is what my blog header says “is on a journey to consciously live life to the fullest.”  And the idea of being in zombie mode definitely goes against the ideals I want to resonate in my life.

Living consciously is about taking control of your life.  Sleepwalking through life is definitely not taking control.  But most of the time, it is easier for us to set our lives in autopilot mode.  Do what we always do because we are used to it. It’s easier that way even if we have difficult chaotic lives.  It’s familiar.  It is never easy to break out of routines.

Yes it easy to cruise through life. But conscious living is living in the now.  It’s about taking time to smell the roses and be aware of your life and things that you are doing.

It gives us an understanding on what’s going around us and paving the way for us to get to where we want to go.  It allows us to expand our horizons.  It gives more passion into our relationships.  It makes our world more vibrant and colorful.  It creates a life that is more fun.  And who would not want that kind of life?

Living consciously is not a change you can do overnight.  It’s a journey with so many roadblocks and you will definitely have setbacks along the way.  I am on that journey and I am having my fair share of roadblocks and setbacks.
So how does one live a life of consciously living it to the fullest?  I have no definite answer.  It takes effort, and willful vigilance.  As what my cousin would often quote “let’s grab the bull by the horns”. Not an easy feat I should say, but it will definitely be a life well-lived.  And this is my work in progress.

So instead of sleeping the whole of October and half of November, I'm upping my oomph!  Well, hello there October! :)


Cherry said...

when i want so bad to vent on FB, i end up pressing the backspace too because i want to maintain being an inspiration. :)

btw, i got the mason jar from Poulet in Vivo City (opposite Jamie's Italian). invite your hubby to eat there, yummy food and good service. when you order tiramisu, just tell then you want the jar. you have to top up $5 for it but it's made in Italy so it's definitely worth your $5. i am actually thinking of eating there again just to get another jar. hehe! :)

ranne said...

wow thanks cherry! yeah read your post on Poulet, the food looks yummy and I so love tiramisu ...Maka set nga ng date night dun...

Thank you :)

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