Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bag Crush Diaries: Lunch and Crushing on MK's Sutton Saffiano bag

I seldom go out for lunch on a weekday.  I brown bag my lunch #frugalme because aside from saving moolah, I don't like the chilly wind despite the sun being so bright and sunny.

But since friday was relax at work yesterday and the sun was out shining (yes it's still chilly) I braved the chill and had japanese lunch with my colleague  near our work at Bien Izakaya.  Ordered some sushi, which just tasted normal (nothing fantastic) but the teriyaki tofu don (fried tofu with teriyaki sauce on rice) was yum.  Too yummy that I forgot to take a photo of it and realized only after my bowl was empty.

Lunch at Bien Izakaya Newmarket

But really the highlight of  my lunch out yesterday is meeting my latest bag crush.  There is this new store in Newmarket that I passby on my way to work from the train station.  I have been wanting to in and have a look; but it was only yesterday that I found the time.  And when I stepped in, I was greeted by my latest crushie.  It wasn't crush at first sight because there where a lot of other items on display that distracted me.  But I guess this little beauty stood out.  The picture below does not do any justice...

But maybe this would help you understand why 

And since it comes with a sling, you can carry it as a sling bag or cross-body for a more causal laid-back look...

The tote comes in small/medium and large.  I am liking the medium one.  And my matrona status would probably carrry the bag like this ;)
You can check out more of the store's display at Newmarket (The Brand Warehouse).  

What have you been crushing lately?

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