Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The ruffled mama duck speaks

I’m the world’s lousiest blogger.  But since blogging is not something I earn from, I do not have the pressure of timelines.   And I have to admit I am slow.  I am slow in weaving into words the events I have experienced, the places I have visited, the people I have met and the food that I have savored.

Well my slowness is definitely not attributed to early signs of dyslexia J but rather I am more leaned towards a slower beat in this ever increasing fast-tempo world.  I need time to gather my thoughts and decide whether this is worth telling or not.  Or probably some experiences are better left inside the deep crevices of my being so that its "specialness" does not get lost in the web of digital information.

Still this is my happy place.  Coming here from time to time and sharing my experiences and thoughts reminds me of my why.  Reading my posts from years gone by ignites within me the determination to be that woman I want to become; someone who wants to consciously live life to the fullest.

Enough with the drama! What I really just want to say is “Hey blog I miss you!” 

With love,

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