Tuesday, October 22, 2013

If ever I could own a house...

I have been in Pinterest for quite some time now, but I have recently discovered the joys of pinning.  Indeed a picture paints a thousand words.  And with that I am inspired to be a home-owner :)  A girl can dream you know.

If I could ever own a house

I will strive to make it our home.

With big closets…

And a lovely kitchen…

A welcoming foyer with a touch of Country Charm…

And a place for everything and everything in it’s a place….

A bath so lovely, taking a bath will always be a spa-like experience….
A his and her bathroom sink will be an added bonus.

And white picket fences would be a lovely addition  J

Ahhhh the joys of dreaming.

What about you, how do you picture a beautiful, relaxing home?

*All pictures taken from www.pinterest.com

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