Thursday, March 29, 2012

Of writing resolutions...

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~We build our character from the bricks of habit we pile up day by day. - Zig Ziglar ~

With the first quarter of 2012 going to say adieu this Saturday I have thought that it’s about time I begin to write my year’s resolution. Yes, I know I am three months overdue, but after years of wanting to improve and be a better person as each New Year arrives, I have come to learn that

- You can do your resolutions anytime of the year it does not necessarily have to be the 1st of Jan of each new year (and no it’s not just a lame of excuse of my part ;) wink wink)

- I better have 3 or 5 measurable definite things with defined benefits why having this change in my life is good so that I can realistically achieve them within a given time frame rather than writing a long list that will very well be called “wishes” instead of goals.

- It takes 21 days to form a habit or is it 30? Whatever number of days, the point being, slow and steady is the way to go.

With these said here are my resolutions goals that I plan to achieve for this year:

1. Live a healthier life by eating healthy (oats, more veggies and fruits) and giving time for exercise.


       o Slimmer me ;) Yay!!!

       o Happier me ;) Think endorphins

       o A more zestful and energetic me ;)

2. Less impulse shopping and more savings


        o I can expect the unexpected without fear (Emergency fund)

        o Ready when opportunity knocks

        o Can make our dreams come true (really praying hard for this ;)

        o Can give back with joy

3. Read More


        o Enhanced smarts - makes you smarter and keeps you sharp as you age

        o Increased vocabulary

        o Enhanced writing skills

        o Makes you more interesting. Widens your horizon of information and you get to experience the diversity of peoples’ culture & lifestyle in the comforts of your own home. (But if you have the means, please do supplement your reading with Travelling)

There I have listed my goals which will keep me busy for next 9 months  (parang buntis lang). And hopefully I can still have room for the two things below

      1. Travel to at least 5 different countries this year (3 down 2 to go)

       2. Blog more often ;)

How about you what do you plan to achieve or resolved to do this year?

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