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A mountain getaway

Hubby and I scored yet another deal from deal sg (unfortunately ,no, deal sg is not giving me free deals for all the plugging I do) Ha ha ha But nevertheless…
To continue on with my story, one fine weekend on the Month of April we set of for yet another short get-away.  This time we headed to Malaysia’s highest point accessible by road, Cameron Highlands.  At 5,000 feet above sea level, the temperature during the day seldom rises above 25®C and can drop to as low as 12®C.
The coach ride from Singapore was approximately around 9 to 10 hours! But the magnificent view of tea plantations blanketing the undulating hills; the crisp and refreshing coolness of the mountain breeze was all it takes for me to forget about the long and winding ride.

a carpet of green as far as your eyes can see

For the nature and Agro lover, at Cameron, a variety of activities awaits you.  We only have the weekend to explore the highlands and we wanted to make the most of our stay.  We booked with one of the pioneer in the travel industry in the highlands, Titiwangsa Tours.  We booked their Nature Discovery Tour and the Agro Delight Tour.

After checking in Equatorial Cameron Highlands, we joined the Nature Discovery Tour.  First stop was a drive up the highest point of Cameron Highlands – Mount Brinchang at a height of 6666 feet above sea level.  It is one of the mountains in Malaysia where its summit can be reached by road. Due to easy accessibility, this mountain enjoys many visitors all year round. The observation tower at the summit enables tourists to enjoy the breathtaking view of Titiwangsa Mountains from the summit.  The weather wasn’t so cooperative with us that day.  I still did the climb, too bad for me, my climb did not reward me with a breathtaking view because it was a very foggy morning but well at least I can live to tell that I climb the observation tower from the summit ;).

weather was not too cooperative. a foggy view :(
A short trek into the mossy forest was next in the list.  Be prepared to get dirty.  But all the crawling and wadding in the mossy ground is worth it.
eerie but beautiful
 Next stop was a visit to the renowned “BOH” Tea factory.  We learned the full process of how tea is made.  It made me appreciate the bittersweet beverage more ;)  Then we went to the cafĂ© to have a boh tea drinking experience while enjoying a view of a giant green carpet against the azure blue skies.

In the afternoon after a quick nap at the hotel, we joined our second tour for the day – the Agro Delight Tour.   Hubby being an agriculturist by qualification enjoyed this tour very much.  We were taken to an exotic cactus farm
my mom would have love this :) cactus, cacti big and small

And then to a strawberry farm where self picking of strawberries where allowed.  They give us a container which we are to fill up (around half a kg) (30RM if a remember correctly) .  If you harvest more than the ½ kg, you have to pay the extra.  Hmmm good marketing strategy I tell you.  Because when you are in there, you get so fascinated with the strawberries that you just pick and pick to your heart’s content.
hubs happy with his bounty

enjoying the picking
Then we stop by a water-cress farm, some organic farm, hydroponics farming of lettuce.  It was such a delight.  And the last stop was a beautiful flower nursery.  We had to climb the muddy hill (told you earlier that the weather was not so cooperative, it rained and shined and rained and shined that day).  But the climb was worth it was we feast our eyes on the lovely blooms.

lovely rose

pretty blooms

tuwang tuwa si mister

organically grown veggies
 The tour ended with a sumptuous  steamboat dinner of fresh vegetables.  Yum yum J

the veggies tasted sweeter and crispier...or was I just too hungry? ;)
 As there are not much night happenings in Cameron, after a game of pool with hubby at the hotel lobby, we decided to call it a day for we know that we have a long and winding ride back to SG the next day.

We woke up refreshed (must be the fresh air, no air conditioner in the hotel, guess they save on their electricity bills) and had a hearty breakfast.  And that was the end of our refreshing mountain getaway.   

Do try visit the highlands, it a nice and refreshing welcome if you are so used to the hurried bustle and hustle of city living. 

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