Friday, April 13, 2012

Wine for Dummies

I love wine. We love wine. Why? I could think of a hundred and one reasons but call it shallowness but I love it because it makes me feel cultured and polish! Hahaha I know I could get very vain ;) Humor me and just indulge me, ok.
 Wine has a meaningfulness no other beverage possesses – beyond water. Its history, culture and charm rolled into one. Say thank you – a bottle of wine - an ultimate gesture of fine taste, class and hospitality. There is always an occasion fit for a wine. Having a Friday night pizza? Bring out the bottle of Shiraz. An anniversary of a milestone, one glass of bubbly please... Perhaps you have a horrible day and the only thing that would save the day is a cozy evening with your amore over a glass of wine to wash all the cares away.

Wine brings out the flavor or food. And it is good for you. Research shows that 1 glass of wine (for women) and 2 glasses (for men) per day can have health benefits. The antioxidants in red wine reduce the instances of heart attacks and strokes. I am not saying I have a glass every day, but whenever I have one, I savor it and let its rich flavors roll my tongue. And yes I still dream of one day, yes someday, maybe soon, maybe later in the future I would be able to share a glass of wine with mi amore and a tour in the winery with my wine tasting friends, share a walk through the sprawling vineyards, enjoy the art or sculpture gallery while enjoying the perfectly paired flavors of good food and excellent wine. It is truly a joy to be engaged and appreciating life; and wine is the enabler. But for now I will wake up in my dream and be content to have this at home.
 Bar cart!

more inspiration here
Great ideas hubs, right? And doable!!! Can’t wait to get started with this DIY project… will update you soon. 

How about you are you a wine lover too? Or at least curious to learn more about wines? Then join me from wine for dummies to become wine connoisseurs.

Libre mangarap noh! ;)

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